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What is Mascot Advertising

Mascot is a fictional character which is used in advertising to promote the brand. Once the mascot is associated with a product or service, it becomes the symbol of that particular brand. It helps in brand recalling, making the users recognize the brand name as soon as they see the mascot.

Mascot Advertising

Mascot advertising literally turns a two dimensional logo into a three dimensional one. When the mascot is made to walk in any promotional events, it gives life to your brand, since it is visually appealing and promptly noticed. It also attracts people of all age groups and is the easiest way to register your brand name in the minds of the audience.

Advantages of Mascot Advertising

• Mascot advertising gets more attention than the conventional advertising. When people see a mascot, they take time to listen or observe what it has to say.

• A good mascot increases brand awareness. When an established mascot walks into an event or any festival, people can easily recognize the brand.

• Mascot advertising is considered to be friendly, since they are fun to be with. They are entertaining to watch and an attractive character can establish an instant connection with your potential customers.

• It can be a brand ambassador for your product. There are instances where people love to take photographs with their favorite mascots and post it in social networks. Thus, mascot advertising creates a mass appeal.

• A successful mascot can improve your business paving way to create merchandises like clothes, key chains, caps, toys, etc. which increases your profit as well as spreads awareness.

Mascot advertising is one of the cost-effective, creative and money-spinning advertising solutions. Hence choosing an appropriate advertising agency which could serve your needs, is highly...

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