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Driver’s Training Course Written Examination

1. What does the acronym H.M.M.W.V. stand for?
a. Heavy Mechanized Mobile Wheeled Version
b. High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle
c. Highly Mobile Mechanized Wheeled Vehicle
d. Heavy Mechanical Multi Wheeled Victor

2. What type of engine is in the M998A1 HMMWV?
a. 6.6 Litre Engine
b. 5.0 Litre Engine
c. 6.2 Litre Engine
d. 4.6 Litre Engine

3. What are the 5 PMCS interval levels?
a. Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Tomorrow & Next Week
b. Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, Monthly & Weekly
c. First, Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth
d. Before, During, After, Weekly & Monthly

4. What does the acronym P.M.C.S. stand for?
a. Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services
b. Put My Crap Second
c. Please Maintain Consistent Standards
d. Primary Maintenance Correction Skills

5. What type of equipment can you perform a PMCS on?
a. Just maintenance equipment
b. Just weapons equipment
c. Any piece of military equipment
d. PMCS is not required, only optional

6. What is the maximum payload capacity of an LMTV?
a. 1500 pounds
b. 2300 pounds
c. 5000 pounds
d. 10000 pounds

7. What is the maximum fording depth of the LMTV?
a. 16 inches
b. 4 feet
c. 30 inches
d. 12 meters

8. What does the acronym L.M.T.V. stand for?
a. Light Mobile Tactical Vehicle
b. Lifted Maintenance Terrain Vehicle
c. Lightly Modified Tactical Victor
d. None of the above
9. If you find yourself in a skid what should you do?
a. Slam on the breaks and pray
b. Turn in the direction of the skid
c. Turn away from the direction of the skid
d. Turn the radio on and ask Jesus to take the wheel

10. What happens if brakes become overheated?
a. Nothing
b. Your stopping power increases
c. The brakes can fail
d. None of the above

11. What does the acronym N.V.D. stand for?
a. Night Vision…...

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