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Mba - Global Communications

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Problem Solution: Global Communications

Deborah Elver
August 27, 2005
Problem Solution: Global Communications This paper will apply the nine-step problem solving model to the scenario involving Global Communications. It will provide the background, define the problem, describe end-state goals, identify and analyze an alternative solution based on benchmarking, examine associated risks, provide an optimal solution and implementation plan, and evaluate the results.
Situation Background (Step 1) Global Communications (Global), a telecommunications company, is faced with lack of consumer confidence and economic pressure. Senior management has developed an aggressive plan to hit the market with new services and an alliance with a satellite provider. They have also identified cost-cutting measures with hopes of increasing profits. In order for the plan to come to fruition, they will market on an international level with the goal of becoming a truly global resource. Subsequently, this development plan has created several challenges (UniversityElver, 2005). Issue Identification Several challenges or issues have been identified including—but not limited to—globalization and competition, building market share and alliances, reducing and relocating staff, outsourcing technical call centers to Ireland and India, and the lack of communication to Union and stakeholders. The lack of communication to Union and stakeholders regarding this initiative has damaged a strong relationship with Global and the Union. The Union is concerned that many employees will loose their job while Global is concerned with how to tell them. Many of these employees work in technical call centers that will be outsourced. However, this creative financial planning to outsource to facilities in Ireland and India will reduce unit costs. Outsourcing the

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