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Pharmaceutical Testing of India's People

Maira Watts

Tarleton State University

This paper looks at the pharmaceutical medical trials and clinical drug testing on the people of India as the ethical perspective conducted from journals and articles provided along with a video that was shown to understand the perspective of what we were to analyze. The journals speak on the process of approval, laws that are in place to advocate for the people, and the overall plight of the subjects that sign up for the clinical trials. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Drugs Controller of General India (DGCI) are the two main controlling factions in the process to monitor and regulate the companies and sponsors that conduct clinical trials in India. This paper will discuss what happens to the people in the lower caste and what can be done to improve the situation of subjects that are part of the trials.

Clinical medical trials are becoming one of the most prominently profitable industries in the world to come to a country with such a large population spread as India. The country is a largely technically adept workforce that has a great amount of population that demonstrate a variety of medical conditions along with the low cost of introduction into market which makes India hotbed for these medical trials. It comes down the problems of being ethical, is it right for the people, what ill effects will it have on these people, and do they even know what they are signing up for?
The pharmaceutical industry is India's largest science-based industry worth $4.5 billion and growing 8 to 9 percent annually according to Corporate Catalyst (2014). There are over 8000 small companies that provide 70 percent of the countries demand for drugs. Entering into the market is not seen as a downfall for any company as India has a highly…...

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