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Tonya Hodge

University of Phoenix

Managing in today’s Health Care Organizations


Norma Wright

TO: The new CEO

FROM: Tonya Lynn Hodge

DATE: November 21, 2011

SUBJECT: Dr J.C. Bacalla’s Office

Dr Bacalla’s office is a small family physician office, located on the downtown square in Scottsburg Indiana. The office is a centralized office with Dr J.C. Bacalla being the only boss. The office has eight examining rooms for patients, a laboratory room, and an office for Dr Bacalla, a waiting room that has the capacity of 35 persons, a billing department, and the main check in department. The office is located less than one mile from the local area hospital.


Dr J.C. Bacalla is the family physician; he is the owner of the building and the boss of all employees. Sabra Case R.N. is the nurse that works with Dr Bacalla. Jacob Miller is the laboratory technician; Jenny Wells handles all the billing and other financial information. Tonya Hodge is the secretary, and handles all the scheduling and appointments.

Formal Organization

The office is run in a formal organization format. The common goal is to help the patients’ health problems. All the employees have a shared sense of beliefs and have a sense of belonging. The employees have a continuity of goal-oriented interaction. There are daily staff meetings before the office opens to discuss the day’s business and any other business. Each employee has a certain job duty to perform, and each employee knows his or her job duties. However, if one member of the staff needs help with something, the other members of the team will pitch in and help him or her out. This office has a chain of command to achieve the goals needed. For example, if Dr Bacalla is not in the office, Sabra Case R.N. is in charge.


In conclusion, Dr J.C. Bacalla’s office is just a small hometown physician’s office. Patient’s health is the number one priority of the staff. All the employees work together as a team to achieve the goal. Although, Dr Bacalla is the main boss, he makes all the employees feel like family. Each employee is not only allowed to express our concerns but also, asked by the physician to express our concerns. Each employee has his or her set job duties, each person knows what is expected of him or her, and he or she gets his or her job done well.


Liebler, J.G. & McConnell C.R (2008). Management Principles for Health Professionals. (5th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

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