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Men and Women Relationships

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Men and women are very different from each other. Relationships between men and women can be complex, confusing, and sometimes hard to understand. Being able to understand and recognize how relationships work between men and women can be difficult sometimes. Overtime the value of things, relationships, and emotions can change drastically. Sometimes relationships can be formed between two people and can create significance individual growth between one or more people involved. To begin, men and women cooperate differently in relationships. “While men mirror their partner’s emotions, women sway the other way”, says Yuri Acurs. “Men and women are equal but physically different”, says Michael Connor. “The physical differences between men and women provide functional advantages and have survival value”, says Michael Connor. Michael Connor says that “Men are essentially built for physical confrontation and the use of force” (Connor, 2013). For this reason, men have excellent upper body strength. “A man’s skull is almost always thicker and stronger than a woman’s”, says Michael Connor. Women, however, have four times as many brain cells than a man. “Women can focus on more than one problem at one time versus men”, says Michael Connor. These are just some of the physical differences between men and women. Next, relationships between men and women are not impossible or difficult (Connor, 2013). Men and women approach problems with similar goals but with different considerations (Connor, 2013). While men and women solve problems well between the two, their approach and process is different (Connor, 2013). Most women for instance, sharing and discussing a problem presents an opportunity to explore, deepen, or strengthen the relationship with the person whom they are talking to (Connor, 2013). On the other hand, most men are less concerned and do not feel the same as women

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