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Mertanal Deaths

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AFFILLIATION; Research Proposal submitted to the School of Development and strategic studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of international relations and diplomacy of Maseno University


This reaserch proposal is my original work and has not been presented for a degree in any other University

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Signature Date

This research proposal has been submitted for examination with my approval as University Supervisor

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This report and its findings were prepared by myself with the help of my roommate Eunice Bosibori Ondieki of the department of Communication and Media Technology at Maseno University, she took part in assisting me in interviewing individuals from Mabungo village and also the Hospital staff. I also consulted mu father Mr Maurice Anyanda who gave me ideas on how to go about with my research proposal.
Grateful thanks are extended also to my friends Laura Kaisha, Joan Mwayo and Cedric Anyanda who took their time to go through my report after its completion and give their valuable advice.

CO- clinical officer
EmOC- Emergency obstetric care
ICU- Intensive Care Unit

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