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The following case study documents descriptive statistics done after surveys were done by a consumer research organization on the performance of automobiles produced by a Detroit manufacturer. These surveys were designed to evaluate a wide variety of products and services that were available to consumers in order to take a look at consumer satisfaction with the performance of the automobiles. The goal of this study is to identify ways to avoid early transmission problems and to gain full customer satisfaction.
The objective is to learn more about the transmission failures by analyzing the samples used by Metropolitan of actual transmission repairs provided by a transmission repair firm in the Detroit area.
Here are the following data showing the actual number of miles driven for 50 vehicles at the time of transmission failure:
25066 35662 53402 59902 64342 67202 72069 77098 82256 85861 89641 101769 121352
32464 37831 53500 61978 64544 67998 73341 77437 85092 86813 92857 116269 138114
32534 39323 59465 63436 65605 69568 74276 77539 85288 88798 94219 116803
32609 40001 59817 64090 66998 69922 74425 79294 85586 89341 95774 118444

Questions Use appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize the transmission failure data.

Lowest = 25066
Highest = 138114
Mean = 3,667,015/50 = 73,340.3
Median = 73341+72069 = 145,410/2 = 72,705
Mode = ∅
SD Dev = 24,898.715 (for sample)
SD Dev = 24,648.47 (for population)
Variance = 619,946,014.05
N = 50

The least amount of miles in the sample is 25066 and the highest is 138114.
The average amount of miles is 73340 in the sample of 50.
The number amount of miles were redundant.
Standard Variation expresses how much members of a group differs from the mean. ( σ2 =2(x-π)2/N is far from the mean).

Develop a 95% confidence interval for the mean number of miles driven...

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