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MGT 400 Semester Homework - Fall 2014 12% of Grade

Homework should be submitted by the time of the exam. The earlier you complete it, the better chance you have of receiving feedback.
Homework is made up work from your textbook, Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (7th ed.) by Norman M. Scarborough and your textbook website. The textbook website is You can cut and paste this into your webpage. You should also bookmark this site to return to it easily
Textbook Work
You Be the Consultant – These are imbedded in the chapter. You are given the page number of the beginning of the assignment and then which question(s) you are to answer. (50 points each)
Discussion Questions – Found at the end of the chapter. (15 points each)
Website Work
Self-Study Quiz – 10 questions – 40 points each for quizzes – make sure you submit to me for grading. After completing the quiz, cut and paste it into a Word Document. Then upload that document to Blackboard.
Web Essay(s) – You are told which one(s) to complete – 50 points each – make sure you submit to me for grading. SUBMIT THIS PART WITH YOUR TEXTBOOK WORK. CUT AND PASTE THE QUESTION INTO A WORD DOCUMENT AND THEN ANSWER.

***You will be docked 10 points on the assignment if you do not include your name and the assignment.***

Chapter 2
Self-Study Quiz 40 40 points
Web Essay 1 50
You Be the Consultant None
Discussion Questions 4, 5, 9 45 95 points Total Points 135

Chapter 11
Self-Study Quiz 40 40 points
Web Essay 2 50
You Be the Consultant None
Discussion Questions 3 15
Ratio Analysis 200 265 points Total Points 305

Chapter 12
Self-Study Quiz 40 40 points
Web Essay None
You Be the Consultant (p. 439) 1 50 (p. 461) 1, 2 100
Discussion Questions 2, 7 30...

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