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Minimum Wage Argumentative

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The minimum wage is often thought of as a guarantee of fairness in the employment market. As it is erroneously perceived, the minimum wage ensures that every person receives a living wage. However, the minimum wage neither guarantees that an individual be employed in the first place, nor does it guarantee that an employee will be offered enough hours of work in order to garner a so-called “living wage.” A raise in the minimum wage, without a raise in productivity for the given work, will result in companies resorting to drastic measures to secure profits. These measures include cutting down worker hours, implementing rigorous productivity standards, and most importantly, raising the cost of products and services. An increase in the minimum wage will result in an increased difficulty for low-skilled individuals seeking work, as they now have to compensate for an inequity in the value they provide and the wage they are guaranteed. In addition, those already past the threshold of the minimum wage will be forced to endure a rise in the cost of living, despite the fact that they did not receive a raise in their personal wage. Lastly, raising the minimum wage will degrade the idea of the free market, a system which allows prospective employees to exchange their work to an employer for an agreed upon wage, including wages that may not conform to the restraints of the minimum wage. Ultimately, the federal minimum wage should not be raised as it will encourage an increase in the unemployment rate, raise the cost of living for people across the nation, and serve to degrade the purpose of the free market. Advocates for raising the minimum wage often cite erroneous claims, one of which stating that the minimum wage is to guarantee a living wage for all. However, the minimum wage does not guarantee a wage or employment in itself, only that those who are already employed will

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...The laws set for minimum wages protect unskilled workers from exploitation (Gorman, 2008) and provide them with a “living wage” (Livingston, 2011). The idea of a minimum wage was created in Australia and New Zealand to reduce poverty (Gorman, 2008). Maximum rents for housing was created to protect tenants from increased monthly rent cost by landlords (Block, 2008). Formally, rent control is known as the Emergency Tenant Protection Act; which was created during World War II in New York City (Block, 2008). b. Why are there no laws setting maximum wages for workers or minimum rents for housing? Setting a maximum wage law will not only hinder the economy but hurt high wage workers purchasing power. When the economy is booming, most workers receive raises, however if there is a cap placed on the wages, workers would max out their earnings. If workers production levels in one hour is 10 times what they receive in compensation, the only party benefiting in the transactions in the company. Maximum wages would also hurt the market for luxury items. Workers may be reluctant in purchasing certain luxury items because once they have reach there max wage; there is no room for wage increases. A price control for rent was created in an effort to aid low-income families. However, placing a minimum rent would directly affect those families that have very low or no income, which can not afford a monthly rent but need a home to live in. There are rental properties that are subsidized by...

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