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Vietnam: To Draft or Not To Draft
Debate Questions

What is the role of the media during a war and was this role effectively fulfilled during the Vietnam War?

Does the Selective Service Act address the need for an effective fighting military in the U.S.? How or how not?

How would a draft affect morale of soldiers?

Looking at the soldier’s experience in Vietnam, how would a draft today affect soldiers both during and after a modern conflict?

If the U.S. enacted the draft today, what would the American public response be? Would this have a positive or negative impact on the U.S. overall?

If a draft were reinstated today, how might domestic issues in the U.S. be influenced?

How would domestic issues such as the economy, political leadership and contemporary American culture influence foreign policy either with or without a draft?

Is an all-volunteer military a more effective fighting force? Why or why not?

Is it an American’s patriotic duty to serve in the military during their lifetime?

Would a powerful, drafted military force enhance or impair U.S. foreign relations?

According to the Selective Service Act, men ages 18 to 26 must register. Should women be required to register as well?

Enacting a draft is the best solution for engage American youth in domestic and foreign politics.

How do veterans contribute to American society upon their return, and are their contributions defined by whether they were drafted or volunteers?

Does American media today accurately inform the public regarding military actions in other countries?

Does the media have a responsibility to not only inform but analyze news and influence public opinion?

During a time of crisis, does the government have a right to manage media and communications in the name of national security?

In a time of warfare, does national security override personal convictions? Does a volunteer force address this potential conflict?

Tim O’Brien made the right decision when he decided to not cross the Canadian border.

If there were a draft today, should there be certain exemptions? If so, what would they be?

Would a draft affect the U.S. domestic economy, education and equal rights?

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