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MKTG 205 – Principles of Marketing


This paper highlights on the distribution and techniques of children’s clothes. This paper will highlight and give examples to show the distribution of the product in order to be placed in the customer’s hands. Children clothes are a great want and with excellent distribution techniques. The product can reach the consumer with no problems.

Children’s Clothing


In the field of children’s clothing, knowing your product is essential for productive sales. In having a wide variety of items, designers, clothing, and choices in a retail store guarantees the customer of the distributor's ability to help. By obtaining information about other marketer’s helps in answering questions, by giving guides to the customer in the right direction of which clothing to buy for their children. There are requirements in order to get to know what the customers are looking for when shopping for kids clothing. Buyers can come in numerous forms of buying profiles, for example, pay level, age, ethnicity, training, social status, geographic area and other life situations. In order to know what an ordinary buyer likes or would want for their children, would take some time and energy to inquire what the average buyer is like, what they purchase, the type of clothing they deem purchasable for children and the geographic area in which they live. For example, if a customer has voiced concerns about cash, demonstrating to him/her a lavish thing may prompt them to say they do not like the product, instead of saying that they cannot afford it.

System of Distribution

Children’s clothing is going to be sold through a retail store where other businesses have the ability to shop and buy the clothes from the store. Consumers will also

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