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As I have already stated numerous times, and I am sure that you are tired of hearing, The Other Wes Moore is a story of great emotion, about two children with the same name and very similar lifestyles, growing up, but ending up in two completely different places with their lives. The story tells of Wes Moore, the author, facing poverty and his ambition to receive a proper education, and Wes Moore, a man convicted of murder in the first-degree and sentenced to a life in prison. How could these two boys have grown up so similarly, but one went on to be very successful, and the other a convict?

The book tell the author's side of the story, the story of his childhood and his life. Wes Moore grows up under very poor conditions, and barely makes it by with his small family. Wes' mother is forced to drop out of school, and forfeit getting an education, to keep food on the table for her kids, and because Wes' father has been out of the picture for several years now, there is no other source of income for the poor family. Wes tries to stay strong despite all the bad things in his life, and pushes through days looking for the light at the end of the tunnel to solve all his problem. When Wes heads off to private school years later, he is at first passing classes and learning at a steady pace. However, when his life at home becomes too much to handle along with school, Wes takes a fall and fails out of private school. Wes doesn't want to go on living in poverty, so he decides that he is going to get an education one way, or another. He decides to join a military school and enlist in the countries' armed forces, in hopes that he will have one more chance at getting a wonderful education to turn his life around. At first, he didn't seem cut out for the military, but with time came acceptance, and Wes toughened up and contributed to the war in his own way. After his time in the

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