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How A Used Bottle Becomes A New Bottle
Mark Dalton
Baker College

HOW A USED BOTTLE BECOMES A NEW BOTTLE 2 First of all, There has been an increase in the curbside recycling programs in the last few decades. This has led to more glass recycling centers. Because of new technological advances that were not available in the last 20 years it is now common place to turn recycled glass into the raw materials for new glass bottles. Before, without the technology glass bottles were used primarily for covering landfills and used as a cheap construction material (Jiang, Thuy Vo,
Today with the technology to sort glass collected at the curbside recycling centers, there has been an increase in turning used glass bottles into new bottles. Glass bottles can be recycled into new items over and over again. Did you know that it takes less energy to produce a new bottle from recycled glass than from raw materials? This reduces all of the problems caused through the burning of fossil fuels, such as air pollution, habitat destruction and ocean acidification (EPA, 2013). Recycling also stops the glass from going to a landfill, where it would take up space.
(E How website (1999) stated that, it may take up to 4000 years for a bottle to start to decompose in a land fill). Unnecessary use of land for garbage means less space for agriculture and natural habitat (EPA, 2013). Glass bottles are one of the most easiest items for people to recycle, because almost all recycling centers and collection services accept them. Then, the recycling plants sell the crushed clear glass to bottle manufactures. Even though they use the crushed glass which may be up to 20 to 25% in making new bottles they could use up to 2 or 3 times more to produce new bottles (Jiang, Thuy Vo, 2013). The Salem glass factory in New Jersey use about 150 million tons of recycled glass a day (Jiang, Thuy Vo, 2013). They also produce about 3 million Snapple bottles a day six days a week (Jiang, Thuy Vo, 2013). Finally, the issues involved in turning an old bottle into a new bottle. There has to be more states involved in the bottle bill. As of today there are only 10 states that have the refund policy for returned bottles (Bottle Bill Resource Guide, 2012).

If every state in the United States had a glass bottle, plastic bottle, and aluminum can deposit and return policy, I believe there would be less waste in the landfills. Michigan is a prime example of the bottle bill, Michigan has the highest recycling rate. It also has the highest refund value. In conclusion, There is a need for more recycled bottles and there are more bottles being dumped into the landfills which can be processed into new bottles. Every state in our country must get involved in the bottle bill (refund for deposit), which promotes the recycling process and there must be more urgency created through our government to promote recycling.

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