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Mr. Pignati: A Character Analysis

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John thought that it will be a good idea to invite some of their friends to Mr. Pignati’s house while Mr. Pignati is still in the hospital. John think Mr. Pignati wouldn’t want to miss anything. “ I really did think Mr. Pignati would have wanted us to have a few friends over,”
(Zindel, 131) John and Lorraine didn’t even notice they have invited about 40 kids, but they didn’t invite Norton. They also told Dennis not to invite him, because Norton would ruin the party and make a lots of trouble. “ I told Dennis not to invite Norton.”(Zindel, 131) About thirty minutes after Dennis arrived, other friends also started to come to Mr. Pignati’s house. Deanna Deas, Helen Kazinski, Jane Appling, Rocky Romano, Nick Cahill, James

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