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Compare And Contrast Diary Of Anne Frank

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If I had to hide from the Germans and live in a secret Annex with a group of people, I would like to live with someone who carries the same persona as Mr. Frank. In the play "The Diary of Anne Frank" we are introduced to several main characters, two of whom I chose as my least favorite and favorite character. These characters include Mr. Frank and his daughter Anne Frank. Initially, as we read through the lines of each main character the reader can visualize that both characters greatly differ in personality. On one hand, Anne Frank is a disrespectful person who has an annoying personality; whereas, Mr. Frank is very caring, respectful and considerate even with the living conditions that he underwent. Thus, all things considering, Mr. Frank …show more content…
Frank as my favorite character mainly because of his personality and attractable zeal. As we read through his lines in the play, we can already see that he is a good man. For example, Mr. Frank continually cares and nurtures not only his own family but others as well. Not to mention he also let another person stay with them in the annex since the man had no other place to go. This kind act only shows the great lengths of Mr. Frank's kindness and that he is a man of good intent, decorum, and stature. In addition, while Anne was talking disrespectfully about her mother to her father Mr. Frank responds, "It's fine to hear you tell me that you love me. But I'd be happier if you said you loved your mother as well [...] She needs your help so much [...] your love" (Goodrich 734). As you can see here, Mr. Frank knows how to deal with situations such as these with a nice and calm attitude. Despite of what Anne says, Mr. Frank carries a lot of patience and tries to make Anne analyze her rowdy behavior, to become a better person. In the span of the book, Mr. Frank's consistent down to earth personality and caring attributes makes him a role model to admire and look proudly …show more content…
Nevertheless, they still have a big contrast. Mr. Frank is good at handling difficult situations by talking it through softly trying to keep the peace. On the contrary, Anne likes to speak out whatever comes in her mind and that she is carefree towards the feelings of others. If I had to hide from the Germans and live in a secret annex with a group of people, I think I would like someone like Mr. Frank to be one of those people among the group. He would know how to keep the group at peace. However, if it were Anne, the group of people who are living in the Annex would all probably be at war with each other. Mr. Frank has a good decorum, valuable skill traits, and a well-rounded personality, and that is why he is my favorite

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