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1. horses
2. stiff
3. brake
4. happy
5. youthful
6. calendar
7. condition
8. thoughtful
9. fence
10. play
11. receipt
12. momentous
13. pretend
14. government
15. yak
16. warm
17. action
18. influence
19. word
20. interest
21. bear
22. welcome
23. husky
24. pail
25. snail
26. railway
27. wet
28. old-fashioned
29. nosy
30. yard
31. mixed
32. teeny
33. judicious
34. discussion
35. gigantic
36. steady
37. wide-eyed
38. tasteful
39. milky
40. astonishing
41. root
42. desire
43. sand
44. lick
45. scorch
46. sleepy
47. transport
48. productive
49. waste
50. park
51. cemetery
52. tub
53. squeak
54. lucky
55. observe
56. behave
57. jaded
58. general
59. rail
60. rabbits
61. hallowed
62. show
63. weigh
64. slippery
65. cream
66. warm
67. jealous
68. label
69. continue
70. stingy
71. strip
72. month
73. cracker
74. famous
75. clumsy
76. damage
77. imported
78. attractive
79. jeans
80. scrape
81. frightening
82. brake
83. ripe
84. massive
85. river
86. valuable
87. flesh
88. arithmetic
89. note
90. sisters
91. marble
92. invincible
93. hair
94. stop
95. drunk
96. gun
97. imagine
98. cough
99. twist
100. pear
101. muscle
102. thundering
103. earthy
104. run
105. cap
106. ragged
107. discover
108. canvas
109. fortunate
110. vulgar
111. limit
112. stir
113. help
114. harass
115. afraid
116. weak
117. aberrant
118. foamy
119. idiotic
120. painstaking
121. last
122. purpose
123. actor
124. egg
125. legal
126. knee
127. cause
128. harsh
129. store
130. selective
131. bubble
132. zoom
133. yummy
134. evasive
135. open
136. potato
137. frame
138. sordid
139. shoes
140. house
141. ocean
142. absent
143. scene
144. excited
145. serious
146. lock
147. glib
148. wind
149. paddle
150. bubble
151. girl
152. surprise
153. skate
154. fix
155. seed
156. cakes
157. move
158. sturdy
159. rain
160. treat
161. quiet
162. aloof
163. electric
164. deafening
165. cent
166. bashful
167. disappear
168. noxious
169. seemly
170. impossible
171. fertile
172. hope
173. subsequent
174. empty
175. madly
176. unadvised
177. x-ray
178. warlike
179. tedious
180. song
181. sweet
182. bite-sized
183. expensive
184. cautious
185. thick
186. alike
187. unequal
188. protective
189. exchange
190. offbeat
191. advice
192. rude
193. mice
194. puncture
195. nauseating
196. snore
197. heavenly
198. doubtful
199. wander
200. hope
201. substance
202. marvelous
203. angry
204. clear
205. rainy
206. meeting
207. ruin
208. tramp
209. fool
210. flippant
211. gray
212. sugar
213. woebegone
214. icy
215. partner
216. reward
217. business
218. whimsical
219. smash
220. miniature
221. lighten
222. alluring
223. annoy
224. knot
225. camera
226. cute
227. pleasant
228. delight
229. unbecoming
230. testy
231. vigorous
232. claim
233. dusty
234. bouncy
235. orange
236. transport
237. unsuitable
238. soak
239. rhyme
240. eminent
241. pop
242. dizzy
243. ambitious
244. instrument
245. stimulating
246. worthless
247. materialistic
248. own
249. lush
250. slimy
251. powerful
252. report
253. wire
254. powder
255. confess
256. faithful
257. blushing
258. kneel
259. flash
260. film
261. ordinary
262. alcoholic
263. bucket
264. cart
265. womanly
266. nail
267. six
268. normal
269. redundant
270. towering
271. change
272. industrious
273. futuristic
274. theory
275. miscreant
276. letters
277. aboriginal
278. irate
279. detail
280. example
281. trains
282. extra-small
283. ticket
284. delay
285. scattered
286. scissors
287. ill-fated
288. abounding
289. war
290. luxuriant
291. rambunctious
292. discreet
293. language
294. door
295. abrasive
296. acoustic
297. drown
298. pray
299. office
300. lumpy
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Literature and Medicine

...the room, Ronnie was not in his best mood but to my surprise when I went back inside, I saw him all cheery again. So, I asked him what the doctor said to make his mood all better, and he replied saying, “Oh, you know this doctor actually listened to what I had to say about my disease and not show his callous apathy toward me like the others, which made me feel so much better about myself”. I’ve been visiting Ronnie for a few weeks now and he has never been so comforted as he seemed then. This really obligated me to think about the extent of the impact a doctor can have on his patients by just empathizing with them. It also made me question, do your doctor’s words and consideration make you feel better than that of your friends or family at times? Is this what narrative medicine is about? Narrative medicine focuses on prioritizing patients needs, values and seeing the illnesses through their eyes. Doctors are well trained in their fields but a lot more can be achieved when doctors implement elements of narrative medicine in their practice along with reflecting upon it like we see in the works of David Watts, Oliver Sacks and Richard Selzer. One important aspect of narrative medicine, i.e. the expertise to listen to the patients is very well portrayed by David Watts in his essay, “What Literature Can Do for Medicine: A Starting Point”. Watts describes a case in his essay where a lady comes to...

Words: 1748 - Pages: 7