Multicultural Education

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Multicultural Education

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If I were to be a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary, teaching language arts and social studies and my classroom of 21 students consists of 7 White students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3 Native American students, and 2 Asian students four of which are identified as special needs, one of whom is in a wheel chair, and few of my students come from the poorest neighborhood in Happy Valley, I would incorporate different types of activities in my class room that would support a multicultural education. These activities include, “Comparing Cultures”, and “Rain”. Every teacher should believe that every child, no matter what their background maybe, can learn.
Multicultural education is an “Educational strategy that incorporates the teaching of students from diverse backgrounds, human relations, and the study of ethnic and other cultural groups in a school environment and that supports diversity and equity” (James A. Johnson, Diann Musial, Gene E. Hall, Donna M. Gollnick, Victor L. Dupuis, 2005). One of my stategies that I found intersting is the Comparing Cultures activity. Mycheal Willon (1994) discusses in the Comapring cultures, the teacher should have the class read or watch the movie Cinderella in the class room. Then, brings another version of Cinderella which is the Shirley Clome’s, the Egyption version. To read the story in a book or have them watch the movie are both appropiate. Mycael Willon (1994) also discusses that after reviewing both versions, the teacher uses “cooperative learning strategy Think-Pair-Share (TPS)” (para, 5). In the strategy, the teacher would ask the children to find a partner and hold up his or her hand. After wards the teacher…...