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Music in Modern Times

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Winston Wood
English 1101 For many people, music is one of the most important aspects of life. It can help someone through a hard time, bring out creativity and passion and even heal the soul. Unfortunately, with the advancements in technology, that very same creativity and passion ceases to exist in most music today. The soul of music has now been destroyed. Musical instruments have now been replaced by computers, which take away the physical and emotional connection between artists and their instrument. As a musician, I am utterly disgusted by this. Also, more and more artists do not write any of their own material anymore, especially if they have sold out to big companies such as Viacom, Walt Disney and Time Warner. Since the “digital age” of music, artists have been in a race with one another to see who can make the most popular and highest grossing material the fastest. This results in single and album flops, because the producers and artists do not take the time to thoroughly review all the material, basically creating less- than desirable music. The relationship between artists and their work is sacred, and not only in music. Imagine this; an extremely talented painter just finished her newest painting. She wishes to sell the promotional rights of her newest piece to a big company to gain exposure for her work. Instead of promoting the original painting she created, they edit the piece with cutting-edge technology to their own liking and promote their edited version instead. How fair is that? That is exactly what the music industry is doing to current artists by taking their own material and editing it just because they think it will bring them more revenue to their respectful label. That is crude, disrespectful and dishonest. If you were to walk into Abbey Road Studios in London, England in 1969, you would have witnessed the Beatles recording...

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