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Have you ever heard the saying " it takes a village to raise a child"?. Well in a sense It's easy to say society also plays a role in having a lot of influences on a adolesnt growing up. Some positive, some not. A certain influence that is brought fourth to the generations today throughout society is mainly the influence, and the impact of music that overflows the radio's, TV and internet today. Music plays a big role in todays society like it always have centuries ago. music is what makes the world go around. music is for people of all ages, shapes, and colors. The sound of music can make a person happy, sad or may lift that persons spirit in different aspects. Music can create feelings of all sorts, it can make a person feel sexual, amped or relaxed to name a few. These very few reasons are some of the many reasons the artist even think to write the lyrics they write. After all as the artist say " I'm just giving my fans what they want" when it's more like feeding the fans a fairytale, that same very artist is even dreaming. from when the daydreaming starts is when the adolesant starts imitaiting what he or she hears or see's. What they see and hear all starts off as but a dream, for the artist and the "fans", but what isn't looked into deeply is that mainstream music "rap" so to speak is mostly an illusion created to catch the fans. Mainly the younger generations today. music nowadays is supposed to define the people and, because of this music has almost lost it's worth to so many. their is no more music like AL Green, the isley brothers, or Eda James soulful music that every one of all ages and genders could once truely appreciate that gave value. These artist to name a few from the 60's and 70's had worthy music with positive messages that uplifted folks has diminished slowly leaving room for the nonsense music the musicians call "rap" or "r&b today. theirs no wonder why our elders feel like the music the folks listen to today is full of crap with no real meaning or value. Yet almost all the music sounds the same these days, regardless if it is rap, country, pop, or r&b. the message rarely changes or fails to get accross. the messages include but, not limited to having sex, doing drugs, selling drugs or having anything desired that is materialistic. Not only is the artist condoning this type of behavior, but they are also selling a dream. A dream to the adolesants that it is ok to make it in life and still be succseful. After all look at the artist if they were able to live and carry the same lifestyles they make music about before they became successful and, then now the adlesants will have that mind set that they can make it just the same. This is where they become trapped in this illusion. When nine times out of ten they wouldnt want their own children listening to the music.Why? because the artist knows making up lyrics to whatever they know their fans want to hear will pay the bills and, will have their fan status soaring the charts. Regardless if the artist is really living the life they portray to live. It doent matter because the adolesants believe what the hear, especially if the artist is whom that adolesant may look up too off of mere lyrics. Once the artist follows up by making and intriducing the music they hope their fans will love because of the feedback the fans have sent through twitter or facebook they send it off to be heard, lacking the realization that they have fans that will die to become them literally. Once the music is out and soaring different radio channels and the internet, the poison literally begins, also but not limited to becomes a caged mind. a child reflects and mirrors their parents or guardian, who should be the ones they look up to. But if they are frequently not involved society will take care of the rest, becasue now the child will go and seek and find what they "feel" like is missing in their little precious lives. with the help of so many fantasies in music it starts with the artist dreams that become the adolesants own as well. from that point they try to live it because like some say "you are what you eat" but in this case "you are what you listen to". Because of this the adolesant adapts and programs their lifestyle to the artist. Once this happens the artist quickly becomes that child's hero or "idol". Soon then they act, and the child or teen quickly forgets their priceless worth mistaking their worth to be worth millions. if they here that selling drugs is ok, then it simply is ok. if the music says have sex at thirteen, well their may be hundreds of pre teens having to scheduale clinic visits for numerous things including std's pregnancy ect. The song made may even have a video to go with it that makes the message of the music vivid and full of life creating an image even more apparent then without the video that was put up on youtube,by just using one's imagination. finally, music is what shapes society. music has the power to excel the society on a higher level. music has to bring the people together on a more positive note like it did so long ago,and not just the gopel music but all music. music is supposed to be like melody to the ears, soothing, relaxing and peaceful. it shouldnt define anyone. it takes a village to raise a child but also a "sociey" as well.

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