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Smoking and Lung Cancer

Ramon Gaetan, Kimberley Martinez, Anthony Paige, Mirany Legaspi, Annabelle Fohne


December 06, 2010 Peter Mabrey

Smoking and Lung Cancer

Every year an estimated 392,000 people die from smoking -related diseases such as Lung cancer and another estimated 50,000 people die from secondhand smoke each year. Smoking is the number one preventable death within the United States. Of adults who have ever smoked most started at the age of 21 years old or younger. Smoking is directly responsible for over 90% of all lung cancer deaths (American Lung Association, 2010). The goal of this paper is to provide an analysis of lung cancer, which directly relates to smoking. Included in the analysis is an introduction of the disease, disease history, lung cancer etiology, affected populations, and possible treatments if any. By providing this information, one will understand why it is important to keep the younger generations from smoking and encouraging those who already smoke to quit, saving their lives and those around them from this unnecessary death known as lung cancer. When introducing lung disease one needs to know the emphasis from abstaining or acquiring help to quit smoking, which would greatly reduce the chances for someone to be affected by this deadly disease. Lung cancer is diagnosed by the results of abnormal cell growth in one or both lungs. This abnormal cell growth is located in the lungs and forms lumps or masses known as tumors. Once these tumors are determined to be cancerous, the possibility for these cancerous cells to migrate throughout the body, which is known as metastasis may occur. It is very crucial for the early detection of lung cancer for treatments to be effective. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death among cancers and is

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