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1. Introduction The article When Young Children Use Profanity: How to Handle Cursing and Name Calling was written by Timothy Jay and published in Earlychildhood NEWS on February 17, 2010. The main idea is to give some information regarding usage of “unacceptable” words and phrases use by children and gives some tips to address this issue to teachers, possibly parents and educational institutions. He explains that there are a number of categories of “unacceptable” words and the meaning and impact of them varies upon community, religion, geography and other factors. To control the usage of these words he advises a technique called ABC, which concentrates on the reasons of usage, creation of a well-managed code of conduct and reactions from teachers or parents when this is breached. The author explains the importance of the code of conduct for each institution and informing parents and teachers on the details of it. Further he gives some tips which can nurture good language like the creation of good character traits, role modelling, rewarding, the creation of a good environment as well as avoidance of any potential source of bad words. 2. Audience and Purpose
Though the author is addressing Educational institutions but teachers and parents will be interested in this article. The source is Eearlychildhood NEWS and the purpose is informative. It is an academic text and from an academic journal (explain?). The level of language used is neutral to formal.(explain) The tone of the language is warm and direct.(explain) The purpose of the article is to ‘shed some light’ on the issues related to the usage of “unacceptable language” use by children and to give some advices on how to avoid it. The article is informative and it points out about the potential issue of bad “role-modelling”, explains about different types of “unacceptable language”, gives a technique called “ABC” to work on this issue and also gives many tips to promote good language usage among children. The article states that, though the issue has existed since long before, there are ways we can reduce it. 3. Authorship
The author is Timothy Jay who got a Ph. D. (Doctor of Philosophy). He is authoritative as he is working as an Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management at UNC Grillings School of Global Public Health. He is highly educated and well qualified. Some of his qualifications are Political Science, Bachelors of Arts (BA) from Rutgers University, Masters in Health System Management, Master of Public Health (MPH) from Tulane University and a Ph. D. in Health Informatics from Indiana University. This author has other research articles in similar fields; some of them are “Cursing in America” in Philadelphia: John Benjamins and “What to Do When Your Students Talk Dirty” at San Jose Research Publications. 4. Evidence
The arguments made by the author are well supported by the references of experts. On page 2, the author quotes about children’s enjoyment in using “gross” language, which he referenced McGhee, 1979 and Sutton-Smith & Abrams, 1978. In the same paragraph, the author refers to Thorne, 1993 for expressing the psychological connection of some of the students’ behavior. On page 2, he refers to Goodenough, 1931 for mentioning about the parents’ and siblings’ role in the behavior. The source of the word definition is taken from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. The suggestions for behavioral modifications has been taken from Salend & Meddaugh, 1995. Similarly there are a number of other places the author refers to others’ research work as evidence. Most of this evidence is taken from other experts except one or two of his own on paragraph 3 and 4 of page 1. As he refers to his his own previous works, we are unsure about a possible bias. But in other cases the citations and references are appropriate and can be trusted. Some of the references like “ Verbal Aggression by parents and psychosocial problems of children” from Child Abuse Neglect and “ using a peer-mediated extinction procedure to decrease obscene language” from The Pointer are reputed sources of information.

5. Organization of Text
The author starts with an hypothetical scenario so that the reader will easily understand the issue. Then he explains the different categories of the “unacceptable” words and usages. From there he leads the reader to the importance of the possible causes for the expression and then the environment which motivates the child to behave inappropriately. Toward the end he gives a number of suggestions to address the issue. Finally, he concludes the subject by advising and reinstating the same suggestion. The physical layout, structure and organization is “reader-friendly”. An average reader understands the article easily even on the first reading.
The article is not in narrative style; rather it is instructive or educative. There are a number of areas where the author advises and questions the possible readers like teachers and educational institutional heads.
Though the author states that there are differences between community, geographical differences and ages of children, it is unknown why he does not give a clear suggestion on how to address those difference while making a code of conduct. 6. Credibility
Given the reputed and authentic references and suggestions from an author who has doctorate in Philosophy, the article is possibly trustable. The structure and organization is easy to grasp and he is giving examples to explain his ideas. The suggestions given for “modification” are also from expert experience and research works. The article is helpful for me as a father and after reading this now I will be able to apply some of the techniques author explained for promoting good language usage among my kids. am impressed on the simplicity and content of this article and incase I have a chance to use this article for my final essay report I will surely use this as one of the reference.

Jay, T. (2010). When Young Children Use Profanity: How to Handle Cursing and Name Calling. Earlychildhood NEWS - The Professional Resource for Teachers and Parents. Retrieved from

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