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Nascar Marketing Strategies

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The Keys to NASCAR Success

NASCAR is the second highest rated sport watched on television and is home of the most loyal fans of our time. In only a few years, NASCAR has grown from just a regional weekend pastime to a national phenomenon; their races are broadcasted in over one hundred and fifty countries around the world. It has not become a successful business only because it provides high quality entertainment, but also because of the way NASCAR markets itself to its fans. NASCAR has grown to have one of the best marketing strategies in the world. The initial strategy of NASCAR is to appeal to their fans. They have attracted over seventy-five million loyal, devoted fans around the world. NASCAR uses its advertisements, reviews, content, promotions, and several other tactics as ways to continue to appeal to their fans and gain new fans. Another crucial strategy of the sport is their use of web and digital content. Over the last decade, the company has extremely increased its digital and web content to market the company. NASCAR introduces new information about the company, posts videos of previous races or interviews with drivers, and a variety of other things to help people experience what it is like to attend an actual event.
Next, NASCAR has chosen to take advantage of sales promotions, but the key to their success that is differs from other companies is the company targets third-party promotions. Examples of these promotions are the free tickets given to radio stations to help promote both the radio station and NASCAR, the NASCAR logo on hats, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc., and more. Additionally, an effective marketing strategy is sponsorship. By gathering a hosts of different corporate sponsors, the corporations are able to appeal to all of the fans around the world as their logos flash across the television screens. Lastly, one of the key...

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