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Executive summary
This case study looks to evaluate marketing within McDonald’s and will look into how it has affected McDonald’s in terms of its position within the market. Through research, a positive correlation has been revealed between how successful a company operates and how committed they are in terms of customer focus and its marketing strategy (Kloter and Armstrong, 2010). This study will demonstrate how McDonald’s marketing strategy has helped render the company a global success. This is shown through the SWOT analysis. This study has found that the pivotal ingredient in this company is the unique and effective marketing strategy. Also to be credited was that the strategy showed that there were areas which could potentially disrupt the current rate of success (in terms of monetary results) If they are not rectified. A recommendation could be to increase the amount of ‘Healthy foods’ McDonald’s currently offer, to do so McDonalds would need to invest more in their product segment of the marketing mix.

In many cases a company does not become successful overnight. There are a number of key ingredients which need to be focused on, in order to achieve its potential. An important part of this is the ‘marketing strategy’. The majority of successful firms invest large sums of capital and time into tailoring their strategy focusing on the potential changes in customer levels, rivals and the environment (Bradley, 2005). McDonald’s currently trades in over 119 countries worldwide and has the potential to develop furthermore. (McDonald’s Canada, 2007) it is through the application and implementation of McDonald’s marketing strategy and marketing mix which has resulted in McDonalds holding such a competitive position in today’s fast food market. McDonalds has a menu which in some form or another sets to make all segments of...

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