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Network Management System

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Network management systems are giving IT professional an advantage on their own networks. This is giving them access to software and hardware at a moment’s notice without leaving the comfort of their desk or home. The NMS consists of a set of software and hardware tools that is integrated into the network. This management system is able to identify devices that are on the network. The NMS can also be used to monitor all devices and rate how the device is performing and if it is matching the device expectations. This system can track the performance of the bandwidth, if there was any packet loss, and the performance of all the routers/switches. The network management system will give the IT department notifications if anything seems to be off with the network. This will give the IT personnel time to isolate or fix before the problem effects the network (Hale, 2013). Cisco is a big company that has a very large network. They manage millions of endpoint devices and with a huge network that require a significant amount of monitoring from the IT department. “Cisco Connected Grid Network Management System is a software platform that helps to enable a clear separation between communications network management and utility operational applications. These include Distribution Management System (DMS), Outage Management System (OMS), and Meter Data Management (MDM)” (Cisco Connected Grid Network Management System, 2014). This management system can monitor multiple networks and all of the security applications needed to protect the network. Cisco claims that their network management system is very secure. They have a modular software platform and a pluggable architecture that gives the network connections “to a multivendor ecosystem of legacy and next-generation power grid devices” (Cisco Connected Grid Network Management System, 2014).

Cisco Systems' free Network Magic Essentials, a software collection full of useful tools designed for home network users who don't have IT experience. You'll find a network map for displaying all of the devices on your network, and vital information about each one, including its IP address, hardware configuration, and software configuration. (Gralla, 2011)

Cisco has additional features included in their network management system. They have a Geographic Information System (GIS). This gives them a map in a virtual sense of their network. This feature will give them alarms that will notify them if something is wrong. This system is very useful in the case of a disaster, the process of recovering loss data, and areas effected in the network. Cisco gives hardware specifications; while having the NMS they recommend using Red Hat Enterprise for an OS; and for hardware having 2 CPU with Intel Dual core Xeon x5000 series. This is for managing field-area networks that have five hundred-thousand smart meters. (Cisco Connected Grid Network Management System, 2014) Cisco has RBAC role-based access control. It allows the operators to group the devices, so if they need to make changes, they are able apply changes to the group instead of individual devices. This system is using IPv6 RF mesh endpoints for the configuration.

Network Management Architecture
The architecture of a network management platform is made up of a common set of relationships and structure that exists between managed devices and a management entity. (J., 2014)

NMS seems to be implemented in Cisco in order to managing a large scale network with little IT personnel. NMS is a set of hardware and software for IT personnel to manage and monitor the network. Not only are the IT departments looking for flaws, but also trouble shooting, upgrading, and replacing pieces of the network. This gives you the chance to be ahead of the security, and advancing of the companies network. They will be able to see where the traffic is going and the time of day so they are able to make adjustments so the traffic doesn’t slow the network down.

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