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Network Mergers Proposal

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Network Merger Proposal

Question 1- Opening Statement

Prepare an opening statement that specifies your organization’s capabilities to manage a deployment of this size.

We are a mid size Network consulting outfit that specializes in LAN configuration, Inter - LAN routing designing, topology designs, VLAN configurations. Our team consists of experts who are CCIE qualified in the services that we provide. We also have some of the highly rated Network consultants on board with us.

Our previous work:

• Designing and configuring VLAN for enterprises,

• Inducing network security by configuring port security on switches.

• Designing Address scheme for a Private Network.

• Consulting a firm on the brands to be used for Switches, Ethernet, Routers and other such networking devices.

• Designing a hierarchical LAN topology.

• Application development for LAN search. Adminit

As you can see, we have worked on almost all the aspects of an effective Network design. We have a team, which has a proven track record both academically (CCIE, CCNP qualified people) and professionally. We also have patents in the field of VLAN design and Routing. Our team's consulting profile can be accessed on our website. We also have team leads whose 20+ years experienced in companies like CISCO, Juniper Networks, Huwai etc. and have handled many multi-million dollar projects. So, handling problems of this magnitude isn't new for people here.

NOTE: For References and detailed profiles of our consultants, write to admin.

Question 2: Graphical depictions

Graphically depict and effectively promote your company’s structured development and services.

Nature of work and the revenue it produced:


Conclusion: The…...

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