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The impacts of E-commence on international business and marketing: A literature review

Name student: Tao Yi Student number: 1192930 Course name: Master thesis international track Course code: 2012-191880750-1A Assessor: Assistant Prof. Dr. E. Constantinides and Dr. Huub J.M. Ruel Hand in date: 15-09-2012

E-commerce and Web 2.0: An intensive literature review on their impacts on international business and marketing

Table of content
Managerial summary ............................................................................................ 2 1. Background and research objectives .............................................................. 3 2. Research problem and research questions...................................................... 4 3. Research methodology ................................................................................... 6 4. Key findings .................................................................................................. 8
4.1. 4.1.1. 4.1.2. 4.1.3. 4.2. 4.2.1. 4.2.2. 4.3. 4.4. 4.4.1. 4.4.2. 4.4.3. 4.5. 4.5.1. 4.5.2. 4.5.3. 4.6. The impacts of Internet on International business and marketing .................................. 8 The impacts on international business ......................................................................... 8 The impacts on international entrepreneurship ............................................................ 9 The impacts on international companies‟ marketing ................................................. 10 Web 2.0 and its impacts on international business and marketing ............................... 11 The definition of Web 2.0 .......................................................................................... 11 The impacts of Web 2.0 ............................................................................................. 13 The benefits of E-commerce (and Web…...

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