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Have you ever heard the phrase “Just Do It?” This phrase comes from the clothing, footwear, sportswear, and equipment supplier, Nike. You might think you know everything about Nike, but do you know one of the reasons why the swoosh is their symbol? The Swoosh is a sound that we hear when something zips past quickly by our side. This word stands for fast sound, speed, and motion. This is the reason that the logo is in a shape that shows an arch of movement. How cool is that!? Nike was headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, and the name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. It is also the world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Nike was founded on January 25, 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. Since then, they have

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Nike Research Paper

...Introduction Former University of Oregon track coach and co-founder of Nike Bill Bowerman once said: “If you have a body, you are an athlete!” (Nike Inc., n.d.) It is this way of thinking that describes the root of Nike’s approach to marketing. Every person is a potential athlete or “consumer”. This is a common thinking in the realm of athletics but when Bill Bowerman said this, it was in direct reference to the shoe industry. From their marketing strategies to their selling philosophies, Nike has developed one of the most recognizable and demanded names and logo ever. Nike, which is the name of the Greek Goddess of Victory, was born in 1972 when Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) launched its first branded shoe at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. A former University of Oregon track team member Phil Knight created Blue Ribbon Sports. At Oregon, Knight was coached by the legendary Bill Bowerman and then went on to become alumnus of the Stanford School of Business. BRS was crafted in 1962 when Knight made a deal with Onitsuka Tiger Company, a Japanese shoe company, to import their shoes to the United States. Knight had the idea to sell a low cost shoe with a very high quality, with high aspirations of taking Adidas out of the top spot in the athletic shoe market. In 1964, Bill Bowerman decided to join Knight as a partner at BRS to create a joint quest to be number one. Bowerman redesigned the Tiger shoes while Knight acted as the accountant/personal seller and the two went on...

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...This paper will discuss the organization of Nike and will give a brief description of the new product that is being offered. The paper will also offer an explanation of the importance of marketing to our selected organizations success. Team C will also give a breakdown of the SWOTT analysis on our new product and provide the marketing approach we will use to help develop and nurture our new product. Nike Overview Nike is a well-known sports retailer that develops as well as designs sports apparel such as athletic shoes, clothing apparel, sporting equipment even athletic jewelry. Nike is the largest retailer of sports apparel across the globe. Nike is known as one of the gurus of marketing; Nike markets its products through commercials, magazines, billboards, and stores, even the Internet. Nike has a strategy for success which is to achieve long term success and to sustain continuous revenue, and they intend to continue this pattern by staying ahead of the competition and creating new and unheard of innovative product ideas. The new product that will be introduced under the Nike organization will be discussed in the duration of this paper. Soul to Sole The Nike Company is busy with the design of a new product, Soul to sole foot wear. For every pair sold, Nike will donate a pair to people in need and organizations that help people in need. This is Nike's way of giving back to the community. The new product will have worldwide marketing and be sold all over the world. Nike already...

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Nike - Free Term Papers, Essays and Research Documents The Research Paper Factory Join Search Browse Saved Papers Home Page » Business and Management Nike: the Sweatshop Debate In: Business and Management Nike: the Sweatshop Debate Nike: The Sweatshop Debate Summary: Nike is one of the foremost marketers of athletic shoes and apparel on the world. It established in 1972 with a handshake between two visionary Oregonians-Bowerman and his university runner Phil knight. It has annual revenue of $10 billion and it sells in total 140 countries. Nike does not do any manufacturing process only it designs and markets its products. It has 600 factories around the world that employ some 550,000 people. Nike is recognizable for its “swoosh” logo or the faces of its celebrate. Nike being one of the largest sportswear manufacturers, they don’t have any factories of their own but they manufacture through the subcontractors. Here lies the accusation that Nike’s subcontractors manufacture the shoes and the other products in sweatshops. This accusation though denied by the management of the Nike inc, however was seen by a report titled “48 hours” by Roberta Baskin. Besides this many other human right organizations like the global exchange and many others published their reports against the Nike incorporation. In response to these accusations Nike took many steps that included appointing a work assessment officer named Andrew Young...

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A Comparative Study of the Promotional Strategies Employed by Nike and Marikina Shoe Exchange a Comparative Study of the Promotional Strategies Employed by Nike and Marikina Shoe Exchange a Comparative

...CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Marikina Shoe Exchange is a Philippine direct selling company that sells clothes, and shoes made by Filipinos, for the Filipinos. Perhaps one of the direct-selling companies that continue to make names in the direct-selling industry by delivering quality and affordable products to people, MSE is now becoming well-known throughout the country and its patrons are increasing in number as time passes by. With the vast opportunities offered by the direct-selling industries and multi-level marketing to people, companies like MSE and the like are now receiving more and more member-dealers every day with the rate of recruitment continuing to get high. MSE products are for men, women and kids. For men and women, MSE offers a wide range of good quality and fashionable products that suits different lifestyles. These products range from apparel and shoes to bags and accessories. The company launches new products and styles at least every after two months to suit the likes of their customers. These are featured in their catalogues made available and accessible in MSE stores or dealers. For kids, MSE also caters the needs of kids through their fashionable and colorful products that are sure to fit the fun and lively attitude of the young people. The company also have its “Character Shop” that features products (apparels, shoes, bags, accessories) fashioned and inspired by children-loved characters like Bratz, Marvel Comics, and Looney...

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...Introduction 3 PART A: Promotion and Branding in Global World 3 Standardized and Localized Strategies 4 Case Study: Nike 5 Case Study: PizzaHut 5 Discussion 6 PART B: Future Environmental issue 6 Changing Social Trends 7 Case Study: Nike 7 Case Study: PizzaHut 8 Conclusion 8 Reference List 9 Introduction With the growing pace of globalization, companies’ marketing departments are faced with a substantial challenge of designing successful marketing strategies promoting their products and services (Keller, 2010). The ongoing academic debate has pointed out the tension between standardization and localization practices (e.g. Whatley, 2012). While the benefits frequently associated with the standardization practice revolve around the promotion of a single consistent message to the global market (Aaker, 1991), the localization paradigm emphasises the particular differences between individual markets and thereby the need to adapt marketing strategies to suit the needs of the local population (Gillespie, Jeanner & Hennessey, 2010). The aim of the presented paper is to critically investigate the promotion and branding strategies pursued by global organisations. The key focus is put on the examination of their relative effectiveness and two case studies are used to demonstrate the validity of the theoretical underpinning. Nike Inc., a sportswear and footwear retailer, and PizzaHut, a chain of fast-food restaurants, are therefore used as examples...

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Strategic Management at Coca Cola consumer croup. The impact of branding on consumer purchase decision has been studied. The different approaches of influencing market positioning of the company and product through promotion have been discussed herein. The methodology incorporated includes both primary and secondary research data, pertaining to directly and exclusively collected information and views from Dove users and employees and results or analysis from credible magazines, online portals, discussion forums, journals etc. respectively. The data sampling has been thereon used to ascertain outcomes and derive results and presenting a better view of the entire branding-promotion-consumer cycle. Keywords: Branding, consumer buying behavior, brand management, Nike CHAPTER ONE - INTRODUCTION Chapter One introduction mainly concern with the background study of the project focusing to the study of the case. The concern also given to the research aims and objectives of the research as well as research question which comply with the dissertation. The focus also given to the research methodology which determines the ways of deriving the data collection and its methods for analysis where primary and secondary research being taken under consideration. The parallel focus given to the significance of the study being taken under consideration and finally ends with conclusion of the chapter one. 1.1. BACKGROUND “People get consciousness all the...

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...joumal of Marketing Management 1999, 15,43-51 Kevin Lane Keller Brand Mantrais: Rationale, Criteria and Examples hi this paper, we consider how marketing managers can benefit from the concept of a "brand mantra." We examine how brand montras relate to brand positioning and a related concept, "core brand associations." Our focus is on how brand mantras can be used to improve intemal brand management We consider design and implementation issues in temi of characteristics of good A/nos Tuck School of brand mantras as well as process issues in developing Business brand mantras. It is noted that brand mantras, as with Dartmouth College Nike's "authentic athletic perfonnance" and Disney's "fun family entertainment" often consist of three words that combine brand functions with descriptive and emotional modifiers. Procedurally, brand mantras are developed at the same time as brand positioning. At tlwt time, brand mantras would then be judged on their ability to effectively communicate, simplify, and inspire, as reflected by employee research. Organizational Brand Management Through Brand Mantras Introduction An increasing number of firms have embraced branding as a business priority and marketing imperative. Despite that fact many firms are unsure as to exactly what they should do to effectively manage their brands and maximize their equity. Much of the branding literature has taken an extenial perspective to focus on strategies and tactics that firms should take to build...

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...FIN 534 Research Assignment Keila Stinson Strayer University Dr. Scott Shaw June 29, 2015 Financial managers at many levels have to make important investment decisions continuously. When making investment decisions the primary goal of the financial manager is to maximize the wealth of the firm’s shareholders. It is critical that effective investment decisions are made. If a financial manager makes the wrong investment decision an important opportunity is lost forever and the firm will needlessly squander substantial resources. If the decision is effective the firm will reap major strategic and operational advantages. In order to make a successful investment decision, financial managers must understand that it is a process that involves risk management, strategy, and timing. Essentially, the investment must offer a competitive advantage, have long term economic prospects, and most importantly produce an increase in the firms bottom line. Nike is leading publicly traded company of which a financial managers decision to invest would be highly beneficial. Over the past 5 years, Nike has recorded a growth of 200% in its stock price. Leading the apparel industry, the sporting goods giant stands on competitive advantages that allow the sustainability of market leadership. Nike’s ability to innovate it’s products and effectively sell the concept to consumers has contributed to making the company a stromg world wide brand. Nike’s intense focus on customer satisfaction has...

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...Most people are familiar with the Nike logo. Most people also know that Nike is a multi-million dollar company that sells name brand shoes worldwide. Millions of pairs of Nike shoes are sold daily, but what people don’t know about Nike shoes is how and where they are made, who makes them, and how Nike spends its money in this process. According to the “Sweatshop Fact Sheet,” Tiger Woods is paid over fifty five thousand dollars a day to be their spokesman. Another famous person that is a spokesman for Nike is Michael Jordan. According to the article “Running Away With the Profits,” (Environmental Action, Academic Search Elite), Michael Jordan is paid twenty million dollars in endorsement fees. Big name sport teams advertise Nike to appeal to the common person. Indonesia is one of many countries around the world that is home to numerous Nike factories. Indonesia is a third world country of 214 million people. The main part of the economy is farmers, with half of these being the labor force. This happens to be an ideal country of choice for Nike to set up their factories for manufacturing their shoes. It allows Nike to take advantage of the local people. These people need to work in these factories to make a living, and they are stuck with the poor working conditions that Nike has provided. One way in which Nike is taking advantage of their workers is through long and hard work hours. According to the article: “We are not machines,” the Nike’s code of conduct states that...

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...B00101168    Luke Heeney B00107437            Table of contents  Assignment decoration form              page 1  Table of contents                                            page 2   Introduction                                                     page 3   Main body                          What is Nike                                           page   3                        Marketing Breakdown                          Page 3                         Advertisement                                     page 3   Sponsorships of athletes                        Cristiano Ronaldo                        Kobe Bryant                        Tiger woods  Sponsorships of teams                         Barcelona                         Paris saint Germain...

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...Global Brand Management – Nike’s Global Brand Dr. Deanne Larson e-mail : Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to outline and analyze the ingredients of a successful global brand which has and can continue to sustain its global marketing goals. The brand analyzed in this paper is Nike, one of the top sporting goods manufacturers in the world. As part of the analysis of Nike’s global brand, a proposed brand strategy and supporting marketing program will be recommended using the components of Interbrand’s rating and ranking evaluation. The analysis will use components of Interbrand’s approach as the basis of understanding Nike’s current strategy and standing and be used as input into the recommended brand and marketing strategy. Keywords: Interbrand, brand market strategy, global marketing, brand association, global brand management Reference: Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Larson, D. (2011) “Global Brand Management – Nike’s Global Brand”, The ISM Journal of International Business, ISSN 2150-1076, Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2011. Biographical Notes: Dr. Larson is an active management practitioner and academic and a PhD candidate at the International School of Management. Dr. Larson’s other doctoral degree is a Doctorate of Management in Information Technology Leadership. Her doctoral dissertation research focused on a grounded theory qualitative study on establishing enterprise data strategy. She holds Project Management Professional...

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...following is a description about phase I of Team A’s marketing planfor a new athletic shoe they recently developed.Team A is planning to try and sale the shoe to a well-established and profitable buyer known as Nike Inc. Offered below is a brief summation about Nike Inc. detailing the history and success of the company. Adescription of the product Team Ahas invented is discussed. This paper will give a brief synopsis on the importance of marketing to Nike, as the organization’s awe-inspiring reputation thus far proves it to be a highly-regarded and profitable company to do business with. Included also is the approach to marketing research, which is used to improve the tactics and strategy within marketing for products in development. Team A performed a (SWOTT) analysis which identifiesstrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends that will affect the launch of our product. Organizational Overview Nike is known as one of the world’smost influential producers of athletic apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment.The Nike symbol can be seen on the uniforms and shoes of some of the most popular athletes world-wide. The Nike Inc. mission statement claims “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world, if you have a body, you are an athlete” (About Nike Inc., 2013, para. 1).In1950 two men Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight had a vision to ignite a revolution in athletic footwear (2013). Bill Bowerman was a well-known national coach in field and track at the University...

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...Repositioning Paper Abstract This paper will identify the marketing plan for repositioning a new product line being discussed at Nike, Inc. called Nike Adventures. Nike Adventures is an entire line made with kids and their families in mind to get them active and mobile. Introduction Obesity in children is starting to become headline news in the United States. Therefore, Nike has decided to incorporate the NikeGO Program with a line designed with primarily children in mind. This paper will examine the marketing segments being targeted for this new line. The goal is to ensure that the proper marketing strategies are initiated and that a strong market does exist to carry this line to its full growth potential. In this paper, marketing mix strategies, possible tax ramifications, elements of the consumer decision-making and post-purchase process are discussed, and a criteria and timetable for measuring the success of the repositioning strategy is developed. Discussion: What is Nike Adventures? Provided by the official website of NikeGO Program, the program and this new line of products called Nike Adventures have the same, simple mission: “Get kids moving and give them the means to do it. We've all seen the statistics - some very disturbing. No matter the causes -- school funding cuts, lack of phys-ed programs, shortage of facilities, computers and the Internet, or plain old apathy - the unvarnished truth is...

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...1. INTRODUCTION The main aim of this paper is to investigate the success behind the companies which who succeed in entrepreneurship by new innovation and creation. This paper has two parts, first part explains about entrepreneurship by quoting some famous definition. Second part illustrates a short discussion about the examples that I choose to define the entrepreneurship the best. The examples that I select for doing this research is Nike and Apple the famous American multinational companies. The second part explains about the principles of entrepreneurship in relation to these companies. Last part illustrates the recommendation and conclusion that I reached at the end of this research. 2. WHAT IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP? According to < Coulter, M., (2003), 2nd Edition > Entrepreneurship involves creating change to adjusting, adapting and modifying one’s personal repertoire, approaches and skills to meet different opportunities available in the environment. The definitions of entrepreneurship help to obtain a clearer understanding of what is involved. According to < Morris 1998 > Entrepreneurship is concerned with unique combinations of resources that make existing methods or products obsolete which led to new innovation. Entrepreneurship is the skill and risk taking ability of an individual person or a group of people to combine the factors of production to produce a good or service < Kuratkao, D. F. and Hodgetts, R. M., (2007), Book -Entrepreneurship: Theory...

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...Ajinkya Sirsikar BUS-788 12 November 2013 NIKE P O Fit Paper Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze and perceive person–organization (PO) fit and organizational attraction, intentions to accept a job offer, and actual job offer decision. The importance of fit between employee and organization culture is an increasingly common topic in the study of organizational development. This paper proposes a method to predict Person-Organizational fit based on measurement and definitions that are well known and statistically reliable. About NIKE, Inc. is a “Global brand of athletic footwear”. NIKE, Inc. operates in 160 countries and has many brands including Nike Golf and Air Jordan. The mission statement of NIKE is to “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. It is a powerful example of corporate culture. The main reason behind this is that the NIKE employees have a sense of belonging which helps NIKE is retaining and attracting the employees. The organization fosters a community culture, which serves as an irresistible pull for the employees. It also encourages the employees to voice their opinions, which gives them a sense of responsibility. Decision-making is an innovative process in the organization. Personal Assessment Personality plays an important role in determining how well you fit with an organization. The duties and responsibilities of each occupation require people in those roles to behave in specific ways for successful...

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