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How Does Running Can Influence People's Behavior?

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Learning new ways to manage unwanted health concerns can occur from unknown or unexpected experience. In my experience, running never seemed like it would be an activity that would help manage stress and actually increase my energy to manage a high workload. My perspective on running came from peer modeling because most of my friends were interested in exercising which I never had time to get involved in. Eventually, being able to give it a try in the past I noticed that by performing the task of running produced a desired outcome. Thereafter, I continued to monitor my new behavior and set goals towards achieving daily goals of time and distance for running. From time constraints and the amount of work load I started to set aside my health …show more content…
Currently, knowledge of the benefits and outcomes of running has helped me meet my running goals for the three weeks.
Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) was introduced to understand the different processing abilities that influenced learning from practice, observation, and symbolic communication (Glanz K., Rimer B., & Viswanath K., 2008). According to Glanz (2008), the process of the SCT can be grouped into categories; the first is psychological determinants of behavior. These are determinants that introduce an individual to a behavior and illustrate how one can become influenced towards their behavior through environmental factors. After setting a desired behavior individual beliefs of the types of consequences that can occur and beliefs of performing and achieving positive outcomes is seen in this first concept that motivates a continual development on the behavior. The second concept is observational learning, and having the

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