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Richard Nixon went from a well-respected and populist president to a disgraced president that was nearly impeached. If Watergate was omitted from Nixon’s history most people would think he was a good president with a good track record and that he accomplished many things. Nixon left office to avoid being impeached; there was too much evidence against him and the media was having a field day with the evidence that was made public. Because a president has been given an enormous amount of power that is not give him the right to abuse the power. Therefore, any president or anyone for that matter should be accountable for the wrongdoings that they have done. Nixon should have been impeached. And probably would have because the numbers and the senate’s showed there was enough votes to impeach him.
When Richard Nixon was pardoned by president Ford it did not set a good precedent for our nation. It became clear that a president or a politician can break the law and a successor can clear him of all his or her wrongdoings without any input from the judicial system. Although Nixon’s pardon was controversial it is rumored that Nixon made a deal to have resign only if he was given a full pardon (Herbers, 2010). It was sold to the public as the better thing to do for the country, but letting a person go that has clearly broken the law is not a good thing for our country (Dennison, 2012). The Watergate disgrace taught our country not to trust presidents or politicians for that matter. If our country learned that politicians are no different than anyone else. Politicians can and will break the law to continue or improve their careers. After Watergate, laws were put in place of the two make candidates more forthcoming with the administration of their campaign funds. Watergate has left such an impression on this country in the media that every time there is some sort of scandal to the media appends the term “gate” to the name of the scandal (Kolawole, 2012).
Regular audits should be a requirement to anyone that is running for any type of office. This would lead to a more transparent use of money and consequently more honest tactics. It is difficult to monitor a campaign in real time without giving up secret information that can harm the campaign (Herbers, 2010). However, a comprehensive audit of all campaign finances and tactics should be performed after the election is over by an independent and non-bias committee. Politicians use public money to promote themselves to a higher office. Why should they use public money be kept so secretively.

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