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Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal


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Not All Companies Are Viewed As Equal

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Being a supporter of free trade, market, and capitalism I believe that soda companies are being unfairly targeted doing this time in which American is at war with obesity. There’s nothing wrong with the products from the large soda companies PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. They are responsible companies that are making a product that consumers demand. One reason I am defending the sodas companies is because I feel they are barring to much of the blame for our country obesity problem There is no doubt that drinking sodas irresponsibly can cause weight gain, but treating it as the sole cause of obesity and disease is unfair and want solve our health problems. Many Americans who over indulge in sodas also have diets that consists of foods with low nutritionally values. Also foods that we consider healthy play a factor in America obesity issues, Cardiologist and author Dr. William Davis state that two slices of whole grain wheat bread have the same impact on blood sugar as a can of soda. In no way am I saying sodas are great for diet or your health, but I believe soda companies are being demonized for America obesity problem. When there are other unhealthy products on the market that are not being held accountable for their contribution to America obesity and health situations. Also we has American need to evaluate all factors of the obesity epidemic and just don’t attach yourself to the most popular campaign which at the moment is to blame the soda companies. Soda companies may directed their advertising in the past to encourage people to drink more sodas but the consumers still had the choice not to purchase and to consume the product smartly. With that said capitalism play a major role in companies decision-making process because off the profits being earned. Meaning Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and managers

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Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal

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