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Nt2580 Unit 4 Assignment 2

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Unit 4 Assignment 2

Acceptable Use Policy Definition

1. Overview
To protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility along with the safety of our clientele and employees it is necessary that a precise set of standards must be defined for anyone who utilizes the electronic devices to access information via the internet. Richman Investments is committed to protecting employees, partners and the company from illegal or destructive actions whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Internet or Intranet related systems, including but not limited to the World Wide Web, storage media, operating systems, network accounts and electronic mail are intended to be used for business pertaining to Richman Investments.

It is the responsibility of each electronic device user to know the guidelines of the Acceptable Use Policy and to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy of Richman Investments.

2. Purpose
To outline and give a clear precise definition of what is and what isn’t acceptable when using the property of Richman Investments. Property including but not limited to computers, internet service, email service, storage media, operating systems or network accounts. Inappropriate use of either of the aforementioned exposes Richman Investments to legal liability and/or risks of damage to company hardware and/or software.

3. Scope
The Acceptable Use Policy applies to all employees, contractors, clients, visitors and partners to Richman Investments headquarters and its satellite properties. Each employee, contractor, client, visitor or partner is expected to exercise good judgement and use the property of Richman Investments for business appropriate reasons. All property including but not limited to internet service, computers, electronic service, electronic mail, storage media, network accounts, operating systems or…...

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