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Objectives Of Internal Marketing

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5. Internal marketing.
Employees as internal customer are important as external because they who deliver the service and business vision and values. So, we should aligned employee values with customer values to get progress “the more the values of the staff and consumers concur with brand values the more likely the brand is to succeed.” (Walton Hall & Milton Keyenes, 2000). Thus, we have to work on the same values and make it easy for our staff as well. In other words, the Internal Marketing concept deeply aim to treat employee like customers and connect them emotionally with the brand "internal marketing is used to refer to the activities an organization must implement in order to woo and win over the hearts and minds of its employees
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Sixthly, open door policy well be followed and encourage staff to speak about their problems and experience and suggest solutions for each other problems. For instance, a big board will be placed at each section to share experience problems and solutions.
Seventhly, provide some unexpected services like birthday party, gathering dinner and shopping coupons.
By implementing the internal marketing concept we will be able to achieve our internal and external promises. Employees’ needs would be satisfied and this will lead to better understanding of external customer needs for better services accordingly “the key aims of internal marketing are the development of internal and external customer awareness and the removal of functional barriers to achieving organizational effectiveness.” (Papasolomou-Doukakis, I., & Kitchen, P. J. (2004), p 421).
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6. Integrated marketing
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publicity, advertising, sales promotion, etc., into a single, seamless entity (Nowak et al., 1996 Grove, S. J., Carlson, L., & Dorsch, M. J. 2002). So, the strategy shall involve social media, websites, print media, radio adverts, sale promotion and public relations. Specifically, we will promote the brand by using printed leaflets distributed in the areas of our operation. Use radio ads especially at rush hours and Utilize social media accounts to interact with customer and build relationships. Develop sale promotion scheme and offers especially for students and by this we will spread the message that we not target only people with high income. Participate in events and fairs for face-to-face interaction. For example trade fare and small & medium enterprises gathering and exhibitions. Create web site and mobile application that have interaction feature and friendly user for easy order

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