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Introduction Direct mail, telephone, magazines, newspapers, television, radio and online, these are the media that most advertisers use to promote their products or services. Each of these has its own advantage and disadvantages. Direct mail is the most suitable for testing and it can reach all households but it is the most expensive among all media. Telephone has a powerful one on one capability but it is dangerous with prospects. Magazines can reach mass or class but has less space to tell a story. Newspapers have a wide variety of format but sometimes advertisements can be affected by a local condition. Television has a powerful demonstration capability but has limited copy time. Radio has a high frequency but has no visual appeal. And online which is popular nowadays can have a fast retort from the consumers but it has no permanent response device.

Today, we see facebook users use facebook as a mean of advertising their product. It may be make ups, garments, bags or even foods. It is much easier to advertise through this social networking site. This idea won’t cost you even a single centavo and lots of people can see it. You just need to upload the picture or video of your merchandise and then tag it or post it directly to the page of your friends. But is online advertising effective? Reports have shown the ads to be both an effective and ineffective means for businesses to target their advertising dollars (

Background of the Study
Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and co-classmates, is a social networking website launched in February 2004. At first, facebook was only for the Harvard students, but later it expanded to other colleges. It affected the social life and activity of people in many ways. And because people can use their mobile phones to connect to facebook as long as there is an internet connection, they can stay in touch with their friends, relatives, and other people wherever in the world. People with same interests can be united by making facebook groups. It is also possible to bring back together lost family members which are tested to be true and friends because it is used by millions of people. In May 2012, the countries with the most Facebook users were: United States with 157.3 million members; Brazil with 47.0 million members; India with 46.3 million members; Indonesia with 42.2 million members; and Mexico with 33.1 million members (
Advertising which is related to the course marketing management is focused upon customer orientation and satisfaction of customer needs. Promoting products online is a new and modern way of making people aware about a merchandise. This study will be conducted to determine whether online advertising on facebook is as effective or effective enough for advertisers to rely on than other advertising media.

Total active users | Date | Users
(in millions) | Days later | Monthly growth | 02008-08-26August 26, 2008 | &10000000000000100000000100 | &100000000000016650000001,665 | 178.38% | 02009-04-08April 8, 2009 | &10000000000000200000000200 | &10000000000000225000000225 | 13.33% | 02009-09-15September 15, 2009 | &10000000000000300000000300 | &10000000000000160000000160 | 9.38% | 02010-02-05February 5, 2010 | &10000000000000400000000400 | &10000000000000143000000143 | 6.99% | 02010-07-21July 21, 2010 | &10000000000000500000000500 | &10000000000000166000000166 | 4.52% | 02011-01-05January 5, 2011 | &10000000000000600000000600 | &10000000000000168000000168 | 3.57% | 02011-05-30May 30, 2011 | &10000000000000700000000700 | &10000000000000145000000145 | 3.45% | 02011-09-22September 22, 2011 | &10000000000000800000000800 | &10000000000000115000000115 | 3.73% | 02012-04-24April 24, 2012 | &10000000000000900000000900 | &10000000000000215000000215 | 1.74% |

Theoretical Framework
This study is primarily based on the 7 Steps to Crazy Good Facebook Advertising by Tom Shapiro ( and Posts Tagged ‘effectiveness of facebook ad campaigns’ (

7 Steps to Crazy Good Facebook Advertising

1. Define the Goal & Success Metrics
2. Define the Audience
3. Define the Messaging
4. Define the Imagery
5. Define the Destination
6. Define the Scheduling & Pricing Strategy
7. Define the Tests

Posts Tagged ‘effectiveness of facebook ad campaigns’

Many small business owners are discovering the advantages of advertising on social networks. There are over 800 million Facebook users, many of whom visit Facebook pages daily, and: 1. 34% of Facebook users interact with their favorite brands; 2. 56% said they are likely recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook; and 3. 51% said they are more likely to buy a product after becoming a fan on Facebook.

Facebook ads stand apart from traditional online ads in this way: Facebook ads are delivered to users according to each user’s individual interests. Although Pay-per-click ads (PPC) on Google search results pages allow you to choose geographic locations and specific keyword searches to advertise on, you know very little about the demographics of the people viewing the ad. With Facebook, you can target your ad to include numerous demographics.

Advantages of Advertising on Facebook * Targeted audience. You can target your ad for one group of people or several by choosing demographics that define your potential customers, such as age, hobbies, interests, and marital status – words used in their Facebook profiles or status messages. * Viral marketing. Advertising on Facebook works like a high-speed version of word-of-mouth marketing. Every time someone “Likes” your Facebook page or shares your content, you appear on their wall for all of their friends to see. After the initial cost to get one friend to Like you, your ad continues to be seen by their friends for free, thereby allowing you to reach a wider customer base and potentially expand your market globally at no additional cost. * Lower cost. Advertising only to your target group is an optimal way to attract potential customers. The cost-per-click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for Facebook ads are generally much lower than with Google AdWords because you can target your advertising to a specific audience. The lower cost allows you to advertise more often to more people.

Research Paradigm

Improving of the Online Advertising to be more effective to the consumers/buyers (students)

Improving of the Online Advertising to be more effective to the consumers/buyers (students)

Profile of the student respondents for: 1. Name (optional) 2. Age 3. Gender 4. A facebook user

Profile of the student respondents for: 5. Name (optional) 6. Age 7. Gender 8. A facebook user

Know how effective Online Advertising in Facebook by conducting a survey on the third year Marketing students

Know how effective Online Advertising in Facebook by conducting a survey on the third year Marketing students This study made use of the following research paradigm:

For this study, the researchers assumed the following: 1. That students will pay more attention about the Online Advertising in facebook. 2. That the researchers will know how effective the Online Advertising in facebook is in the modern generation today. 3. That the Online Advertisers will also know about how effective their advertising in facebook is so they can improve it more.
Statement of the Problem This research generally aimed to know the effectiveness of Online Advertising in Facebook perceived by the third year marketing students of UE Caloocan in the first semester of S.Y 2012-2013. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the third year marketing students in terms of: 2.1 name (optional) 2.2 age 2.3 gender; and 2.4 a facebook user? 2. Are the students paying attention to online advertisement in facebook? 3. What particular product/s is mostly seen in online advertisement in facebook? 4. Are the students have tried to buy product/s in an online advertisement in facebook? What particular product? 5. Is online advertising in facebook effective in advertising a product?

Scope and Delimitation of the study In this study, we include only the 3rd year marketing students enrolled in the University of the East - Caloocan during the first semester of school year 2012-2013. Our study will cover only the effectiveness of online advertising in facebook.

Significance of the Study This study is significant to the following:
To students, especially marketing students, this study will help them to know how Online Advertising works and it might help them someday in their career as a marketer/advertiser.
To Online Advertisers, who will use the results of this study as tools “to know how effective Online Advertising is so that they can improve their advertisement in facebook”.
Definition of Terms
Prospect. a potential or likely customer, client, etc. (
Retort. To reply, especially to answer in a quick, caustic, or witty manner. (
Online advertising. a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web to deliver marketing messages to attract customers. (
Metrics. Measures of quantitative assessment used for measurement.
Imagery. Occurs when an author uses an object that is not really there, in order to create a comparison between one that is, usually evoking a more meaningful visual experience for the reader

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