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Online Bus Management Use Case Specification: Book Ticket

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Online Bus Management Use Case Specification: Book Ticket

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Table of Contents

1. Use Case Name 1 1.1 Brief Description 1

2. Flow of Events 1 2.1 Basic Flow 1

3. Special Requirements 1 3.1 Performance 1

4. Preconditions 1 4.1 Day restriction 1

5. Post Conditions 1 5.1 Print 1
Use Case Specification: Book Ticket

Use Case Name

1 Brief Description

This use case is used to book the ticket online. This module asks for customer details which is mandatory for booking the ticket. The user can book or cancel the ticket on the given restrictions.

Flow of Events

1 Basic Flow

1. The person gives the input for source and destination of travelling. 2. He then checks for the availability of the buses. 3. Once the buses are found he then selects type of bus i.e., ac, non ac e.t.c. 4. He then finds the availability of tickets. 5. If the tickets are available, he forwards to book a ticket.

Special Requirements

System should have latest OS versions as windows 7, XP, 2000.

1 Performance

The internet should be fast enough for better performance of booking ticket.


To book ticket he must be a member of OBM.

1 Day restriction

The customer should book the tickets before the specified number of days.

Post Conditions

1 Print

Once the tickets are booked the customer should print their ticket.

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