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Personal Profile

|Name |Harjinder Singh |
|Father’s Name |Surinder Singh |
|Languages Known |English, Hindi and Punjabi |
|Marital Status |Un-Married |
|Nationality |Indian |
|Email | |
|Phone |+91-7207460775 |
|Current Designation |System Engineer |
|Current Location |Hyderabad |
|Current Employer |Tata Consultancy Services |

Executive Summary:

My ambition is to work for the leading consulting firms within the IT industry as I believe I am skilled and have much to offer potential employers and their clients. Currently, I am a System Engineer with Tata Consultancy Services Limited.

Primary Skills:
2years & 9 Months of experience as Technical Consultant in Oracle E-Business Suite Applications.

Resume Details:

• 2 years and 9 month of analysis, design, development and support experience in Oracle apps. • Has exposure in working with Onsite – Offshore models. • Experience in all phases of the system development /implementation life cycle. • Experience in Oracle Apps R12,11i,Fusion • Worked in projects having R12 Implementation, Upgrades and Oracle Fusion • Experience of Development Data Conversions and Implementation • Proficient in, Packages writing stored procedures and functions using SQL & PL/SQL. • Experience of Developing Reports (PL/SQL Reports). • Have good Knowledge on BI Publisher Reports • Have knowledge on Oracle Reports • Self-motivated, excellent team player with proven leadership skills. • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Project Summary:


|Description |Cigna is a Re-implementation or Oracle EBS Applications from R11.5.10.2 to R12.1.3. Like to Like Re-Implementation, with no |
| |business process changes, except for standard functionalities that come with R12 – SLA. The main work includes the |
| |Re-implementation of Finance module which includes AR,AP,Gl |
|Role |Technical Consultant |
|Contribution | |
| |Inbounds |
| |Worked on Inbound Interface which involves the Cash Management. |
| |Gathered the requirement from the Functional Document, analyze the changes as compare to 11i and developed the code following the |
| |client standards. |
| |Tested the developed code with all the testing Scenarios mentioned in the functional document.. |
| |Prepare the necessary document which includes UTP, MD-70. |
| | |
| |Out bounds |
| |Worked on Outbound Interface which involves the GL module. |
| |Gathered the requirement from the Functional Document, analyze the changes as compare to 11i and developed the code following the |
| |client standards. |
| |Tested the developed code with all the testing Scenarios mentioned in the functional document.. |
| |Prepare the necessary documents which includes UTP, MD-70 . |
| | |
| |Oracle Alerts |
| |Developed a period alert which will send a mail whenever a invoice is created which is greater than 5 million. |
| | |
| | |
|Duration |03 Jul 2013 to till date |
|Team Size |30 |

|Description |GIS is a Re-implementation or Oracle EBS Applications from R11.5.10.2 to R12.1.3. Like to Like Re-Implementation, with no |
| |business process changes, except for standard functionalities that come with R12 – SLA, EBS Tax , Cost method and Payments. 100% |
| |Mexican company founded in 1928. With 6 Business Units, and production plants operating in seven cities in Mexico. GIS designs, |
| |smelt and market products for various industrial and consumer sectors. |
|Role |Technical Consultant |
|Contribution |Gathering Requirements, Analyze the requirements, Development of Data Templates, Code development. |
| |Done Data Mapping, Data Validation, Data Load, generation of re-conciliation report for Various Conversion Components. |
| |While doing the code development followed the client coding standards |
| |Involved in CRP0,DEV,CRP1,UAT phases |
| |Developed the packages for below conversion components. Completed Data Migration |
| |Customer |
| |Created Parties Or Organization |
| |Created Party Sites |
| |Created Party Sites And Uses’ |
| |AR Cash Receipts |
| |AR Invoices |
| |Actively participating in Daily status calls and meetings with client and onsite team |
| |After conversions working on concurrent programs and Reports. |
| | |
| | |
|Duration |27 Aug 2012 to 02 Jul 2013 |
|Team Size |10 |

Keppel Energy

|Description |Keppel Energy is implementing Oracle Fusion Applications (ERP) to build the foundation for Keppel’s growth by developing and |
| |applying industry best practices across the company through a unified information system and standardized business practices |
| |involves multiple types of objects spread across multiple technologies. The types of objects involved are interfaces, reports, |
| |extensions and customizations. |
| |. |
|Role |Technical Consultant |
|Contribution |Gathering requirements, Analyze requirements and preparing development plan |
| |Code Deployment |
| |Developed and Customized Standard Bi Publisher Reports in Fusion Environment |
| |Job creation in Fusion for the Submission of Reports. |
| | |
| |Prepared Proper Documents related to Bi reports which wil help other people who will be working on Fusion Environment in future or|
| |in support |
| |While doing the code development followed the client coding standards |
| |Providing value added services to client (Working on scenario testing.). |
| |Actively participating in Daily status calls and meetings with client and onsite team. |
| |Helping team in critical technical issues. |
| |Prepared the Technical Design Documents which was developed in the Project |
| |Involved DEV,QA,UAT And PRODUCTION phases |
| |Completed Go-Live with 100% data quality |
| | |
| |Reports on which I worked :- |
| |Open Invoices And Unapplied Receipts(Developed) |
| |Invoice Listing And Batch Summary(Customize) |
| | |
| | |
| | |
|Start Date |15-Jul 2012 |
|End Date |27-Aug 2012 |
|Team Size |4 |


|Description |AboveNet, provides high bandwidth connectivity primarily for large corporate enterprises and communications carriers in the United|
| |States, Canada, and Europe AboveNet operates private metro area and long haul optical networks, and offers services including high|
| |bandwidth metro access to WDM, Metro Ethernet, VPN and IP networks, and managed services. AboveNet offers several varieties of MAN|
| |services, including Metro WDM, Core Wave / dcXchange, Metro Ethernet, and Customer Managed Private Fiber Connectivity. |
|Role |Technical Consultant |
|Contribution |Gathering requirements, analyzing requirements, preparation of development plan and delivering plan |
| |Creation models, Error verification method, creation of procedures, scenarios done While doing the code development followed the |
| |client coding standards |
| |Done the data conversion for Customer |
| |Customer |
| |Created Parties Or Organization |
| |Created Party Sites |
| |Created Party Sites And Uses |
| |GL Daily Rates Conversion |
| |GL Open Balances Conversion |
| | |
|Start Date |8 Dec 2011 |
|End Date |30 Jun 2012 |
|Period |6 Months |
|Team Size |10 |


|Description |Rheem is the industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions. In fact, Rheem is the only brand with product|
| |offerings covering residential and commercial heating, cooling, conventional storage-style water heaters, tankless water heaters, |
| |solar water heating systems, replacement parts and accessories for all categories.Rheem manufacturing company is implementing |
| |Oracle e-Business Suite Release 12 of modules to serve the growing business needs of its various brands and wide range of |
| |products. Rheem is implementing Oracle E-business suite for their enterprise IT applications and hosting the Oracle Solution in |
| |the RHEEM group Oracle instance RHEEM EBS. Rheem is implementing Oracle ERP to build the foundation for Rheem’s growth by |
| |developing and applying industry best practices across the company through a unified information system and standardized business |
| |practices |
| |. |
|Role |Technical Consultant |
|Contribution |Worked on Oracle Reports |
| |Prepared the Technical Design Documents which was developed or Customized in the Project. |
| |Worked on Mattel Upgrade Project from 11i to r12 which was up gradation for reports, developed rtf for the reports whose paper |
| |layout was got disturbed in r12 or the output was coming not good. |
| |The code was retrofitted and the report layout changed from paper layout, |
| |Developed the bi publisher reports by referring the paper layout . |
| |Includes both AR and AP module Reports. |
| | |
|Start Date |29 Jul 2011 |
|End Date |15 Nov 2011 |
|Team Size |30 |


|Course |School/College |University/Board |Year of Pass |Percentage |
|B-Tech Electronics And | |Punjab Technical University |2010 |74% |
|Communications |Regional Institute Of Engineering And | | | |
| |Technology | | | |
|12th |Army School Jammu Cantt |CBSE |2005 |66% |
|10th |Army School Jammu Cantt |CBSE |2003 |68% |

Passport Details:

|Passport Number|Issue Date |Expiry Date |Issue Country |Issue Authority |Country Of Birth |
|H9361926 |30- Jul -2007 |29-Jul-2017 |India |Ministry Of External |India |
| | | | |Affairs | |

Achievements and Participation :

• Awarded by Young Achiever Award for showing significant performance in learning and delivery

• Member of EcOracle Stars Event for celebrating Green Christmas, it was a practice wise event and oracle practice was runner up

• Performed bhangra group dance during the EcOracle Stars event.

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