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Organizational Structure and Culture Paper
14 April 2011 Organizational Structure and Culture Paper An organization is a collection of people working together under a defined structure to achieve predetermined outcomes using financial, human, and material resources. This paper will focus on the organizational structure of Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton (NHCP), how the NHCP structure supports client-centered care, uses information systems, the methods of communications, the decision making-ability, informal and formal reporting lines while looking at issues of power and control, in addition to who the actual leaders are in the organization, how social and cultural influences of the community are integrated into the delivery of care as well as the generational deference influences. All as they relate to the organizational structure of Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton. The type of organizational structure used at Naval hospital Camp Pendleton, is a tall service line structure with the hospital captain at the top answering to regional leadership and directly to Washington D.C. Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton also uses classical theory; the military and federal government work very well on the premise of efficiency through design, a rational and well-defined task or organizational design. Nursing does not have an independent chain of command but falls under the charge nurse in each departments answering to the department head who answers to the executive officer who answers to the commanding officer. The chain of command is the hierarchy of and responsibility within the organization. Line authority is use a linear hierarchy thought, which activity is directed. The naval hospital is a complex organization with numerous departments and highly specialized area with authority centralized. NHCP has a tall organizational structure with many small work groups. The

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