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Organization Structure of Memphis City Schools

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Every type of company or organization that exists operates with a certain organizational structure. However, the organizational structure is tailored to best meet the needs and services of the company. Organizational structures are used as a means of communicating how business will take place within an organization. The structure of an organization is important to the main areas that make an organization function effectively. Organization functions and designs determine the organizational structure. Memphis City Schools has a horizontal organizational structure. Although a horizontal structure exists as the overall structure at the executive level, a vertical structure is also in place at the management/staff level. The main structure for Memphis City Schools is called the executive cabinet. Each member of the executive cabinet is responsible for the main departments of the entire school district. Each executive member reports directly to the School Superintendent. The Superintendent, along with Internal Audits, and General Counsel reports directly to the Board of Commissioners. Chief of Staff is also under the Superintendent with a direct report from Policy and Legislation. The Chief of Staff has to be ready to act and decide for the Superintendent in the event the Superintendent is unable to perform. The organizational structure of Memphis City Schools is similar to the structure of the Methodist hospital, because there are so many departments, legal issues, laws, and procedures that have to be accounted for. And both of these organizations provide services for more than 100 thousand people. In contrast, Memphis City Schools’ structure is quite different from the organizational structure of Mid South Managed Properties, although this company services thousands of people, the company operates on a much smaller scale, and has a vertical organization structure...

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Online Exhibitions Museum Communication. 1 © December 2006 M. Merritt Haine All Rights Reserved No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the author. All photographs and drawings produced by and are the property of name unless otherwise noted. Copyrights to images are owned by other copyright holders and should not be reproduced under any circumstances. This document as shown is not for publication and was produced in satisfaction of thesis requirements for the Master of Arts in Museum Communication in the Department of Museum Studies, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the Directorship of Beth A. Twiss-Garrity For more information, contact: M. Merritt Haine 573 South McLean Blvd. Memphis, Tennessee 38104 215-817-1213 To the Faculty of The University of the Arts: The members of the Committee appointed to examine the thesis of M. Merritt Haine, Online Exhibitions: Five Factors for Dynamic Design, find it satisfactory and recommend it to be accepted. Amy Phillips-Iversen Committee Chair Director of Education & Community Programs, The Noyes Museum of Art Phil Schulman Master Lecturer, Electronic Media, The University of the Arts Matthew Fisher President, Night Kitchen Interactive Beth A. Twiss-Garrity Director, MA Program In Museum Communication, The University of the Arts ii Online Exhibitions: Five Factors for Dynamic Design M. Merritt Haine Abstract Over the last twenty years, the field of...

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