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Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management

Fall 2012

ITM 330 - Supply Chain Process Architecture


The prerequisite for this course is (C)ITM 305 - Systems Analysis & Design. Students who do not have the prerequisite will be dropped from the course.


* Name: Dr. Selcuk Savas
* Office Phone Number: ×7747
* E-mail address: selcuk.savas@ryerson.ca
* Faculty/course web site(s): Blackboard
* Office Location & Consultation hours: Tuesday 10-12, Friday 9-10 @ TRS 2-070
If you need to meet outside the office hours, please make an appointment through e-mail.
* Methods of Posting Grades: Grades will be posted on the course Blackboard site.
* E-mail Usage & Limits: Your e-mails are turned around within 48 hours.
Students are expected to monitor and retrieve messages and information issued to them by the University via Ryerson online systems on a frequent and consistent basis. Ryerson requires that any official or formal electronic communications from students be sent from their official Ryerson E-mail account. As such emails from other addresses may not be responded to.


This course deals with enterprise wide integrated systems, and process thinking as a key element in business restructuring. Many key business applications are now implemented using comprehensive and complex enterprise software. The concepts, structure, benefits and problems of enterprise solutions are examined from a business perspective as well as from a technical information technology perspective.


This course introduces (i) various concepts, principles, and strategies in the design, planning, and operation of supply chains; (ii) enterprise resource planning…...

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