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P2- Expalin Potential Effects of Five Different Life Factors an the Development on the Individual


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Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual

In Sophie’s life there have been five different life factors that have affected her development as an individual. These include genetical factors, socioeconomical factors, environmental factors, biological factors and her employment status. All these factors affect her physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.
Genetical Factors: Sophie’s Asthma Medical Condition
Asthma is a genetical inherited medical condition that affects her physical development throughout her life stages. Asthma affects the small airways, bronchioles, which carry air in and out of the lungs. Therefore Sophie’s airways can become inflamed, swollen and constricted; this physically puts extra strain on her body when she exercises, making her breathless and dizzy because there is not enough oxygen within the body to make her muscles work properly when exercising. Sophie’s asthma affects her emotional development; this is shown as she still gets embarrassed and frustrated when out in public. When Sophie exercises her asthma causes her to become breathless and light headed very easily. Sophie therefore keeps an inhaler on her. Emotionally she has become slightly unstable at times when faced by embarrassment in front of others. Sophie’s intellectual development shows how she has learned to understand her condition and how to try to avoid triggering an attack. Through support and advice through health care professionals such as health visitors; she has come to terms with accepting that she can manage her condition but may never be able get rid of it as she knows her condition was inherited from her parents. Sophie’s social development has shown that she has learned to adapt her life around her condition. When seeking work Sophie has had to consider the environment that she would be working within. Finding employment can be hard for those with asthma; some business may find that it is too risky to employ someone who has asthma. For example to be in the fire service, your medical record must not show that you have never had asthma due to the dangers of inhaling smoke. Smoke can trigger off asthma and in doing so it will put that person and others at risk of danger. Sophie’s social development throughout her life has help her in making friends, staying socially independent as well speak openly about her medical condition without feeling excluded by others.
Biological Factors: Sophie’s pregnancy of her first born child.
When Sophie became pregnant her physical development changed in order for her baby to grow until the baby was ready to be born. Sophie physical development refers to the physical changes within her body to adapt for the baby. As the baby grows the stress and strain on Sophie body increases, her breast will begin to produce milk, her heart will begin to work harder and her physical appearance will begin to change as her stomach will increase in size due to the positioning and size of the baby as it grows. Sophie’s emotional development will increase throughout her pregnancy, as her hormones change. Often women who are pregnant will show off their bump from the moment they find out they are pregnant. However the emotional stability of Sophie during pregnancy indicates her feelings can often be hard to manage, mood swings and frustrations are often shown through arguments, tears and laughter. In some cases when the baby is born postnatal depression can be bad as she tries to make emotional bonds and attachments with the baby but may feel very tired and depressed all at the same time. As Sophie pregnancy continues her intellectual development improves as she learns how to care for her baby. Knowledge and skills improver her intellectual development as she also learns how to feed her baby, help her baby grow and how to settle her baby when it is upset. This will mentally make Sophie stronger and encourage her to learn more leading up to all the life stages her child will develop in. As Sophie pregnancy affects her physical, emotional and intellectual development her social development is also affected. Sophie social development changes throughout her pregnancy as she faces barriers faced by being pregnant. For example working whilst pregnant, there are risk factors of causing harm to both the mother and baby when the mother of the baby is heavy pregnant and is working in a manual handling job and working long hours to gain extra money for when she goes on maternity leave. Although it is socially acceptable for pregnant women to work till they are ready to take maternity leave. Once the child is born Sophie will have to adapt to the role of being a mum as well as go back to work, therefore living a double day lifestyle, whereby she juggles looking after her child and going to work during the child is at nursery or school.

Environmental Factors: Sophie’s access to health and social care service
In some areas health and social care services are easier than others to access. Some issues that make it hard for health and social care services to be accessible are due to government funding and how populated the area is. Sophie lives in a small but touristically populated town; the services available are accessible but can be limited. Sophie physical development does not actually affect what social care services she can access currently. She has no physical impairments that make it hard for her to walk or communicate with others to receive help. However, not everyone is as fortunate. There are people who have physical impairments which require them to be in a wheel chair to be able to travel place to place. Some health services in Sophie’s local town do not have wheel chair accesses such as ramps to enter the building or lifts for them to access other floors within a health care building. These limitations can affects some people’s emotional development, social development and intellectual development. Sophie emotional development regarding access to health and social care services is not affected either unlike those who are faced with the emotional development barriers caused from not being able to access health and social care services. For those who face barriers gaining access to health and social care services may find it distressing, frustrating and hard to believe that they cannot use the service. This can often lead to anger, resentment and feeling excluded because they are unable to receive the same service as someone else who may not be stopped by the same barriers. The intellectual development of a person can be affected by the access to health and social care services. Sophie, who is fortunate not to face any barriers, finds that the information and advice she can access very easy help and helpful in order to understand what health and social care services can provide. Sophie’s Social development like everyone else’s, is affected by being able to access the same service whereby everyone is treated equally and fairly. But when barriers are faced by one person but not by another; this indicates that there is an issue with accessing the health and social care service. Within society this can cause feelings of exclusion towards those who find it harder than others to access these services. It is now expected that every service makes itself accessible to everyone in every form possible, whether it be allocating a wheel chair friendly ramp, provide interrupters for those who are hard of hearing or provide alternative way to contact their service by telephone, email or touch phone.
Socioeconomic Factors: Sophie’s Income
Income is term used to describe money received on a regular basis, including how it is gained and how it spent. Sophie’s physical development is affected by her income on the basis that she works to earn money in order to support herself and her family. Money allows Sophie and other people just like her to buy clothing, food and accessories. However for income to affect her physical development it is important to remember that such services as doctors, hospitals and any other health care services relies upon her to pay for her prescriptions, dentistry and medication on a regular basis in order for her stay well and continue to work. This can have an impact on her emotional development as the stress from worrying about whether or not she can afford these things can affect her behaviour and emotional wellbeing. Sophie’s income has to stretch as far as possible just like any other person who works therefore she has had to learn to live on a budget. The stress and worries can lead to emotional break downs and to mental break downs which can lead to her income being affected dramatically if she is emotionally unstable to work. The intellectually development that affects Sophie regards to income shows that has to manage her money. Sophie has to learn that budgeting her money will help to make sure things are paid for when they are needed. However, this skills takes time to develop, for this skill to develop she has to make mistakes and learn lessons to understand how to manage her income properly. This is part of developing skills that intellectually make Sophie stronger and better. Sophie’s social development progresses as she learns where in society she fits in based on her income. Her income currently, regards her to be of working class within society. Part of the Sophie’s social development is to balance her life between being a mother and being someone who works to provide for her family. Finding her place within society also shows that her development throughout constantly increases and changes.
Employment Status: Sophie’s life style – Diet and nutrition choices.
Throughout Sophie’s life there have been lifestyle choices such as diet and nutrition that have been predictable and some that have been unpredictable but in most cases it has affected her physical development, intellectual development, emotional development and socioeconomic development throughout all her life stages. The physical development of Sophie has been affected by diet and nutrition choices, for example during her childhood experiencing malnutrition due to a poor diet this had delayed her physical growth and development as the quality and texture of her bones and teeth, and the size of her bones did not grow to their full potential. This was due to the lack of vitamins and minerals her diet consisted of. The emotional development that Sophie faced due to malnutrition left her emotionally unstable regarding her relationship with food. This event occurred; because as a child she gained a poor insight into what behaviours with diet and nutrition should be like in order to live a healthy life style. Sophie’s intellectual development changed from childhood to adulthood as she learned how to create a better relationship with diet and nutrition in order to live a better life style. This then encouraged her to learn more about how diet and nutrition can have positive benefits in life; this was the beginning for Sophie as she also learned through her emotional and intellectual development that she wanted to carer in cooking. She has learned through these skills how she was to create better life style choices. Sophie’s socioeconomic development also changed from one life stage to another regarding diet and nutrition. While nutrition is a vital element of a healthy lifestyle, nutritious food is not equally available to all. The significance of this inequality is that a healthy diet reduces the chances of diseases and medical conditions that can shorten and lower the quality of life. However for those like Sophie who have low socioeconomic status have the poorest access to sources of nutritious healthy food. Therefore she’d consume the least nutritious diets, whereas others who have high socioeconomic status consume diets which are more nutritious because they have better access to the sources of nutrition. The socioeconomic status is based upon race, life expectancy, income, class, education, occupation, and domestic location.

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