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PARTHA BAGCHI (STAMMERING CURE CENTRE)-Is he taking advantage in the name of cure?
Dear All,

I would like to share my experience at Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore, India, a centre founded by Mr. Partha Bagchi who claims to cure stammering in two weeks (details of which you can find at ( . Before I start I would like to state in no way, I would like to demoralize all those people who attended this centre and believes to be completely cured, I am really happy for those people who have been able to cure themselves after attending his course, it is actually a manifestation that they have accepted their problem, changed their speaking style and controlled the flow of speech. However, I would like to raise some serious questions regarding his claim to cure stammering in two weeks and also the techniques that he uses in his claim for fluency. I attended his center sometimes back and although I practiced daily for few months as he advised, I still suffer from blocking problems and there is occasional fumbling of words, but I control it and this control I have learnt to use even before attending Stammering Cure Centre and it has been strengthened after I met a local speech therapist .Two of the persons who attended the centre and with whom I am in contact have lost faith in Mr. Bagchi’s techniques as they discovered 100 % cure are not possible, but yes they have accepted their problem and is trying to refine the art of controlling their speech. Let me make some points below (please note the statements which I have included within quotation marks “…….” are self made statements made by Mr. Bagchi in his website, his book ‘STAMMERING A SURE CURE’ and practice material book.

1) What exactly is cure and fluency? Before entering the room where there were 15-16 guys practicing with him, I had a one to one discussion with Mr. Bagchi in his office room where he told me that stammering is curable and asked me to remove all the debris from my mind. Curable in what sense? Is it a complete recovery and then speaking like a non-stutterer? The meaning of the word ‘‘CURE” looks ambiguous in this case. In my opinion the word curable is in fact not the right term that has been used, rather the term controllable should be used because even the end result of Mr. Bagchi’s training is to form a new style of speaking in the medium lengthening style which is the style Mr. Bagchi advised all participants to follow lifelong. I am very sorry to say that Mr.Bagchi has a very clever and guileful way of impressing upon his students, who come to attend his therapy, that stammering is curable. Slowing down the rate of speech to speak in the medium lengthening style is nothing but an act of controlling the speech. As far as I can understand 100 % cure is not possible and there is no known cure for this problem.

What fluency is Mr. Bagchi talking about? Mr. Bagchi states “Immediately join my course, then there is no power on the earth to stop you from speaking normally fluently and confidently’’ as if he wants to imply in 2 weeks time a stutterer will turn into a non stutterer and the use of the word ‘immediately’ is not appropriate at all .Here some might argue that Mr. Bagchi has advised to continue the practice for 8 months as overnight improvement is not possible. I agree but then why does he falsely advertise in his website using words like “ EXCLUSIVE CRASH COURSE to cure any type of stammering SURELY IN TWO WEEKS”(good way of drawing attention of people…)A perfect fluency is very hard to achieve, even today I cannot speak the way that my friends or any one of my family members speak. I agree that fluency is an expression of powerful and effective language, an expression of one’s ideas, thoughts in a clear manner and for stutterers ,it is the acceptance of his problem and his will power not to let this problem bottle up or inhibit his/her mode of communication and clear expression of his thoughts and ideas. Mr. Baghchi should be very clear about the definition of fluency. Though Mr. Bagchi maintains the fact that fast speaking is not fluency which I too agree, but I am thoroughly against his opinion on people who speaks or tends to speak fast in a normal fluent way. I have seen during the course that time and again, he maintains the fact that people do not like to listen to a person who speaks fast. Is it true? If it is, then in that case, people who are involved in News Channels (particularly those anchoring the news) should be thrown out of their jobs. I will quote here that there was a guy who told us that even before coming to the centre he was able to speak well, he did not stammer and could speak fluently if he slowed down his rate of speech, but if he speaks in his normal way, he stammers and fumbles upon different words. The guy left after attending for 8-10 days. I analyzed his point and came to the conclusion that he wanted to speak in the same way as a non stutterer - achieving perfect fluency and not in the medium lengthening way of Mr. Bagchi and please note he was not a case of an extreme stammerer, while speaking with us I have hardly seen him stammering. This is my view point of his statement, I leave it to the readers how they analyze this guy’s statement.

Now come to this important point. Check his site where he mentions “As an Ex-Stammerer, I understand stammering is a rock-like hurdle for you and a major impediment on your way to a successful and bright career. I have also passed through a similar period of endless misery, difficulties humiliation and teasing for 26 years. Like you, I have also tried to cure stammering in so many places and failed repeatedly concluding ‘stammering is incurable'. Then desperately I developed some techniques and cured myself.”

I have observed very closely that Mr. Bagchi still fumbles on different words while speaking, there is visible blockage and facial distortion, but then he controls (note the word control) and then moves forward with his speech. How can he say then he has cured himself? If somebody disagrees with me regarding Mr. Bagchi still fumbling, then I am sorry to say that you guys have not understood the difference between cure and control and you are one who has been truly mesmerized by Mr. Bagchi.

I leave it for the readers now to decide whether Mr. Bagchi is true when he uses the words “ EXCLUSIVE CRASH COURSE to cure any type of stammering SURELY IN TWO WEEKS”

2) Now I will come back to the techniques-

Look at the following statements:

“As an Ex-Stammerer, I understand stammering is a rock-like hurdle for you and a major impediment on your way to a successful and bright career. I have also passed through a similar period of endless misery, difficulties humiliation and teasing for 26 years. Like you, I have also tried to cure stammering in so many places and failed repeatedly concluding ‘stammering is incurable'. Then desperately I developed some techniques and cured myself”

“Do not compare this course with any other treatment you have gone through. The course is very unique in its nature and I can assure to present you the best techniques in India.”

What self innovative techniques he has developed? The course is nothing but a permutation and combination of the techniques used in speech therapy sessions by professional registered speech therapist/pathologist and yoga techniques. The practice which are included in Mr. Bagchi’s course like meditation, deep breathing exercise, vocal exercise, voice modulation and slow reading practice (elongation/prolongation) are nothing new. My interaction with a local SPEECH pathologist revealed that deep breathing, vocal exercise ( prolongation/elongation of the starting sound of each word),slow reading practice are basics which are taught in a speech therapy session and that too the therapy is offered at a price/cost which is far below than what Mr. Bagchi charges. I have been fortunate enough to meet this speech pathologist whose support is always available whenever required. And what about meditation? Mr. Bagchi teaches /demonstrates Pranayam in his course which is actually ANULOMA VILOMA (ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING),though Pranayam has not been described in his PRACTICE MATERIALS that he hands out to his students. Now is this another SELF INNOVATED TECNIQUE devised by Mr. Bagchi? If someone says yes, then God Save Him (send him back to school to get his basics right)

Please note that Mr. Bagchi does not hold any professional qualification in speech therapy recognized/accredited by a professional body. He is simply offering a therapy based on his own experience where the techniques have been developed from the techniques used by qualified speech therapist and YOGA.

If someone does not believe me then I will request him or her to have an interactive session with a qualified speech therapist.

3)Though Self Admittance has been explained well in his book “STAMMERING A SURE CURE” but it is not taken up well in his course discussion while practicing his so called self innovated techniques. Also his book STAMMERING A SURE CURE which is a motivational and inspiring book seems to be copied and pasted from here and there. But still I congratulate him for coming out with this book .But what is annoying is that he encourages people to buy his other publications, in my case, I really could not say ‘NO’ to him when he asked me to buy ‘the book “THE ART OF HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL READING” which cost around Rs 450 ( to be frank he gave me a discount of Rs 100) but the book was never important for me .Now in the disclaimer section of this book, please note what is written which goes as follows:


“The information given in this book is of a general nature only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional health advise and no person should act in reliance on any statement content in the information provided in the book and at all times should obtain specific advice from professional medical practitioners should they require medical help or assistance. The publisher RMM Publications and author PARTHA BAGCHI is not responsible for any injury and/or damage to any person on account of solely relying on the information or misuse of the information given.”

If Mr. Bagchi is really not confident of what he has written, then why he encourages people to buy his books? Mr. Bagchi claims he has not started this centre for name, fame and money, I hope he is speaking the truth; I hope that the money he/RMM publication gained publishing such books ““THE ART OF HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL READING” is used for correct purpose.

Now I leave it to the readers to analyze the above point (note the point which I mentioned earlier -the publisher RMM Publications and author PARTHA BAGCHI is not responsible for any injury and/or damage to any person on account of solely relying on the information)

4) In the book “STAMMERING A SURECURE” Mr. Bagchi mentioned that “whatever may be the cause of the initial cause of stammering,it occurs due to excitement tension fear nervousness hesitation and lack of confidence and courage to speak”.This is utterly misleading and a nonsensical information. If this is to be true then most of my friends who tends to exhibit traits of nervousness, fear, tension and hesitation on different occasions must be stammerers, but no they are not. The truth is the exact cause of stuttering is still unknown. Possible causes are genetic or hereditary (stuttering has been seen in families/twins) or neurogenic factors like signal problems between the brain and nerves. “Environmental factors like stress, peer pressure or even having a friend or relative who stutters can contribute to stuttering”. Contrary to popular perception, psychological problems such as lack of confidence usually result from stuttering and are not its cause.

Before making such statements “Stammering is neither a disease nor any physical disorder.It is completely a psychological and bad habitual problem”, Mr. Bagchi should have introspected whether he he is making a valid, sensible and reasonable statement well grounded in logic or truth. Those people who believed in this explanation of Mr. Bagchi,I am sorry to say its high time you should use your rational thinking and stop following people blindly.

5) Look at these statements mad by Mr. Bagchi –

“My course is ideally designed to overcome all these problems and is purely a research-oriented practical course - a new concept for the first time in India and the world too. It is not speech therapy. There is a gulf of difference between speech therapy and my self-innovated practical course designed for stammering cure. The course has been developed over several years of research by analyzing thousands of stammering people and proper blending of intelligence, experience and creativity”.

God save use—what research he is talking about? On whom he is doing the research? Is it on stammerers taking their consent? Is this research being published somewhere (in any journals) or shared with anyone or is the research being approved by any professional body? Nothing is known.

Again in the PRACTICE MATERIAL BOOK, he stated “From my experience it is quite certain that those who follow our practices instructions and guidance sincerely and religiously will surely get magical results since all the practices and techniques are developed after many years of dedicated research”. Why quite certain and not 100% certain?

6) Again Mr. Bagchi states that

“Being a severe Ex –Stammerer(suffered for 26 years) and running a super speciality ‘Stammering Cure Centre’ for 18 years in Bangalore which is the world’s only full-fledged effective centre for stammering cure and has cured several thousand people from all walks of life and from all over the world, I feel and understand the problem of stammering from my heart and can rectify it easily with my wide experience”.

“If unfortunately,’STAMMERING CURE CENTRE’ is closed down, then stammering cure in India may be stopped. In the long history of India, my centre remains only full-fledged institute for stammering cure”

We should all be happy to know that Mr. Bagchi really cares for people with stammering problem, but please mind there many centers around the world which have been actively involved in providing significant service to people who stammer and helping them to lead a dignified life. The same is true in India and if Mr. Bagchi’s words are to be true, then the professional speech therapist in India are highly incompatible to deal with people having speech disorders. I would not like to comment on the fees.

“(Rs. 9500 (for children upto 12 years Rs. 7000) package includes two practice material book, two audio CD's or cassettes and only exclusive book in India, written on Stammering titled "STAMMERING A SURE CURE" - 200 pages. We have a guest house facility for outstation candidates. Standard lodging and food would cost around Rs. 300 per day. Family rooms can be arranged if intimated beforehand.)”

But here I would like to say that some organizations in INDIA are teaching the same techniques one can learn at STAMMERING CURE CENTRE free of charge or at very low affordable rate and those people who are working voluntary for people with speech disorders free of cost, I salute their feelings of unselfish concern for the welfare of others. At least they are not making false promises or putting up website with cheap advertisements with a number of self boasting statements reflecting their self acclaimed expertise.

Again see the statement below mentioned in the website:

“I could have earned crores of money by opening branches and franchisee centres all over India as my position is monopoly but I sincerely want that people should come to me in Bangalore and get a definite cure for life under my able guidance and personalized attention. Inspite of the fact that I have to spend around 20 lacs a year on advertisement all over India, the course fee is very reasonable and affordable by most of the people.”

Now I leave it to the readers to answer for themselves whether Rs 9500 is really reasonable, maybe yes cause the cost of advertisement as Mr. Bagchi said is very high. Use of words like ‘monopoly’ is highly offensive. Mr. Bagchi is not the only person working in this field. If he really is not in favor of franchisee centers, then why he is talking about “OVERSEAS FRANCHISEE – Franchisee Offer to Foreign Countries”(

Mr. Bagchi can do a better job if he can form some Self Help Groups, from different parts of Indian, train them properly with his so called self innovated techniques so that they can help people with speech impediments lead a better life or cure their problem as coined by Mr. Bagchi .In this way the follow up support will also increase. But will he do? Time is still there….it all depends upon him or will it decrease the professional fees he is getting (the number of participants in my group eventually increased to about 20-22, per head cost Rs 9500 and there are many groups like that, ah please do not forget that Mr. Bagchi has left his lucrative career of a CHARTERED ACCOUNT to come into this field,so claiming a professional fees is also not an offence).

7) Does this course have any financial guarantee or refund policy? The answer is a big “NO”.There is even no support for students who fail to overcome their stammering after attending the course. And the worst part is that I have known people who were charged again with the same course fees with a very small discount when they attended the Stammering Cure Centre for the second time after these people failed to overcome their problem in the first attempt and blamed themselves for their failure..Ofcourse I do have to state here that there was a guy who came for the second time cause he said he did not religiously practice for the first time and hoped to get cured(mind the word again- cure) after attending the course, I pray that he has recovered well.

8) Now come to this counterfeit work of art when Mr. Bagchi states

“An unique achievement by an Indian in the world of stammering cure. Unbelievable but true. It's not a claim only, I have been regularly curing stammering in two weeks. During 20 years, over 19000 people have already been cured at the centre from all parts of India and several foreign countries”

“After serving India for the last 19 years and curing more than 18000 people my confidence level has boosted up to such a level that any sort of stammering is curable in a maximum period of two weeks”

How can we know about the truth of this number 19000 or 18000? Is it that these 19000 people told Mr. Bagchi personally that he/she has been totally cured after attending his center and practicing his techniques? Is there any database from where we can know about the truth of these numbers? I would have been glad if I had got the contact details of at least 1000 of these people so that we can share amongst ourselves whether we have actually benefited from this course after paying the fees for a ‘SURE CURE’ .In fact I know some people who are frustrated for not being able to cure themselves after attending his course as the course promised a “A SURE CURE IN TWO WEEKS” (I advised them to accept their problem and not to expect a 100 % cure).

Herein I would like to state one point that every student attending his course are encouraged to write a testimonial about the course, his assistant has a book where students write how they felt after attending his course and the testimonial duly signed by them(some give phone number,email id..).Are the numbers 18000/19000 corresponds to the number of testimonials signed? It appears so to me. On random checking of the testimonials I have seen almost all have written positively like he/she is happy attending the course ,appreciated Mr. Bagchi highly, some wrote they have dramatically improved and speaking in a fluent manner, almost recovered ,has been cured 80-90% …Ok being happy attending his course, appreciating Mr. Bagchi’s efforts these are acceptable, but I feel pity for those guys who have given in their testimonials that they have recovered and is speaking in a fluent manner---how can they know that they have recovered well, come on they haven’t practiced Mr Bagchi’s techniques even for the required 8 months as Mr Bagchi advised and what if the problem again relapses once the practice is stopped?

(Please note that during the course duration students are encouraged to speak in the long lengthening style). I am very sorry to say that the stupidity and foolishness in writing such testimonials is only adding to the name and fame of “STAMMERING CURE CENTRE”

Now someone might argue that I had written this article because I could not overcome my stammering problem after attending Mr. Bagchi’s course or that I have some grudge against Mr Bagchi. No I do not have any such feelings, but if they still think that way, then I cannot help. I am myself a severe stammerer but with the assistance of the speech therapist ,meditation and doing breathing exercise which I learnt in a Yoga session like Kapalbhatti(SKULL CLEANSING),Anuloma-Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing),Brahmari (Bee Breathing),Sitali ( Cooling Pranayam),I have learnt to accept my problem (acceptance is the key)and control my flow of speech instead of expecting a 100 % recovery or cure (as coined by Mr. Bagchi).But then someone might raise the question why I went to Mr. Bagchi’s Stammering Cure Centre, my reply I was totally fooled/duped by the SELF PROCLAIMED promises and expert advise mentioned in the website (see introduction). I was fooled to believe in such well crafted and meticulously planned statements like( many of these are already mentioned above):

“We only make it possible to cure stammering in India” (

“ Stammering cure in two weeks”

“Take a firm decision to join either ‘REGULAR CRASH COURSE' or ‘CORRESPONDENCE COURSE”.

“Most of the specialists in India surprisingly comment that ‘Ignore the problem, it will be cured by itself when you grow up' – it is a passing phase. This suggestion is entirely wrong. By going against the stream and with my vast experience, my conception is that do not sit idle with the hope that it will be cured when you grow up. If luckily you get cured after 20 or 30 years, by then you would have missed the golden part of your life. Do not postpone, act immediately to overcome this major defect in your speech”

“Do not make the mistake of not joining the course because of shyness. When you join the course and interact with everybody automatically you will gain courage to mingle with others and such feelings of shame will go.”

“I am advertising in All-India newspapers and magazines to spread the message amongst the mass that ‘stammering is easily curable at my centre'. Take it as a heart to heart communication. Don't be mislead by other commercial ads.”

“You may be surprised when I am claiming confidently that stammering is curable and that too within two weeks. I am giving you this assurance after curing thousands of people very successfully.”

“Do not compare this course with any other treatment you have gone through. The course is very unique in its nature and I can assure to present you the best techniques in India.”

It is still a pity that India we do not have strong rules and regulations/laws to prevent people from plagiarism (stealing others thoughts/ideas/ techniques), making false promises in the name of sure cure and charging a good amount for it. In the cover page of the book titled’ STAMMERING A SURE CURE’ (back cover),it has been mentioned “Most of the leading newspapers of India,Femina,DD|2 and Star Plus have highlighted his unique achievements”

I am sorry to state that the MEDIA should have made a proper scrutiny of the techniques that are being used at STAMMERING CURE CENTER, unfortunately it appears they too have been misled by Mr. Bagchi’s charisma. Though consumer courts /good lawyers are there in India there but unfortunately deceivers duping innocent people still roam free in our country and will continue thriving.

Lastly if somebody gets really upset by my writing, I regret to cause the inconvenience to him/her.I never meant to hurt their sentiments particularly to those who attended Mr Bagchi’s therapy , but it was important for me to portray the truth ,at the same time convey the message that stutterers can have better affordable ways to deal with their problem.

Pheww…I am tired of writing now, take care everybody.

Let the ALMIGHTY LORD be with you and bless you with joy and happiness.

Regards,Your Friend

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