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Performance Improvement Director

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Goal directed, results-oriented, professional Healthcare Manager successfully managed in diverse areas including Nursing Leadership, Clinical Audit, Quality Management, Training and Education.

Personnel Information

Name: Fatme Khodor Elrifai
Sex: Female
Date & place of birth: 09-01-1978 Lebanon
Address: Specialized Medical Center Hospital -Riyadh
Phone work: 0114343800 x 3990
Mobile number: 0502855808


Arabic Fluently written and spoken
English Fluently written and spoken
French Fluently written and spoken


2013- 2014: Ongoing Masters in Healthcare Administration/ Quality Management – Al Jinan University, North of Lebanon

2006 -2007: BS Degree in Nursing Sciences – Bridging Program

2000 – 2003: Three years in the TS-Nursing program, Technical Superior Degree

1997 – 2000: Three years in the Nursing program, Technical Baccalaureate Degree

1993 – 1995: High school education in Saint Joseph, North of Lebanon

1989 – 1993: Secondary school education in Saint Joseph, North of Lebanon

- Nursing Leadership & Management (Deputy Director of Nursing at Kingdom Hospital Consulting Clinics, KSA/ Riyadh, 130 Beds, private, CBAHI and JCIA accredited primary healthcare institution. KHCC is providing various range of medical services including, but not limited to, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General and Specialized Surgeries (including cardiovascular surgeries), Cardiac Catheterization, Laboratory, General Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit- Level 3, Coronary Care Unit, Telemetry, Maternal Care Services including Labor and Delivery Suites, Postpartum Wards and Nursery as well as Ambulatory Services such as Emergency Department, Day Stay/Endoscopy Unit,...

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