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The Journey into Cultural Care and Diversity in Nursing: A Personal Framework I have had the opportunity to work in many different areas of nursing, and have learned a great deal regarding cultural care and diversity among patients and their families. I have used my past experiences in each different unit and healthcare facility to improve my communication and rapport with my patients and their families to improve the continuity of care. I have been exposed to patients from different countries, cultures, and religions on a daily basis. I believe that it is crucial for the nurse to build a trusting non-judgmental relationship with the patient and their families to show compassion. When caring for patients I listen to their concerns, decrease the stress levels and improve communication and recovery. As a nurse I must take in consideration the culture and religion in which they come from, and care for them appropriately to avoid upset and miscommunication. My goal and focus is to use holistic care to provide the patient with a successful recovery. My personal framework paper will be expressing my own personal journey as a bedside nurse and using my own personal beliefs, values, and philosophies related to caring for culturally diverse patients. Madeleine Leininger’s Cultural Care Diversity and Universality Theory, and the nursing metaparadigm will be discussed, and shown how it is incorporated into my daily nursing practice.
In McEwen and Wills (2011), Empiricism is defined as “focusing on understanding the parts of the whole in an attempt to understand the whole” and was “founded on the belief that what is experienced is what exists.” This philosophy focus is that a one must go through an experience, or observation to gain knowledge that can be used in future education. Nursing is a profession in which you must observe and then perform skills

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