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Personal Narrative: Lake Home

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My most recent vacation was going to my grandparents lake house this summer. On a Saturday, we packed all our belongings into a small car. The the four of us, mom, sister, my friend, and I, piled into the remaining space. From there we drove an hour to Powers’ Lake, which is close to Lake Geneva. After we got there, we unpacked into our own rooms. We went swimming, after relaxing for a little while. The lake water was surprisingly warm. We came in for dinner which we wolfed down so we could go back outside and swim. After dusk fell we went back inside the house. First day over. Only seven more to spend lakeside basking in the sun. The next day my uncle arrived with the jet skis and the boat. Now it was time for the fun to really begin. Since …show more content…
I had passed the test! I could now officially drive the jet skis all over the lake by myself. I took off as soon as I was able to. It was so much fun riding around the lake. I came in before it got dark again. After that I just sat inside and read a book, which was The Catcher in the Rye. It was very peaceful in that moment. Everything was quiet and the sun was just starting to set which was beautiful. The orange, pink, and a little purple all blended together perfectly. The next three days went by fast just riding the jet skis, and I even got to drive the boat for a little while around the lake. I even got a tan, which might be hard to believe because of my pasty, pale complexion. We just spent time together as a family playing board games and just having a good time. It was a great trip that keeps getting better every year. The second to last day we were there my sister somehow caught a catfish. She sat in the water and when the fish swam up to her she grabbed the fish with butterfly net and caught it. She let the fish go farther out in the lake so the slimy creature couldn’t find its way back into our small

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