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Personal Narrative: Maritza

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My parents both work at Illusion Couture, a small garment business in Downtown Los Angeles, where they both work day and night to complete all the clothes and demands they have. I've been there to visit them while they work, from dad cutting the template precisely to mom sewing on the right stitches. Then back to dad, where it's pressed and packaged to the companies. They work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week with the only day off they have taken up by all the chores that need to be finished.
Watching them craft clothes from Justin Bieber to uniforms for Las Vegas hotel maids, I'm amazed at the commitment, training, skill and patience it takes them for them to do what they do. I’ve had to develop something similar; since I’ve been my little sister’s main caretaker ever …show more content…
For example, we share a favourite food, chicken strips. I start by mixing together the flour and spices. Then I add eggs and bread crumbs. I preheat the pan with grease, dip the chicken breast into the egg-infused mix then the flour with the spices and into the pan to fry away.
The truth is, before taking care of Maritza, I would stay home alone most of the time after school. All I was left with was a few meals and an internet connection to get me through the days. I didn’t have much entertainment or toys besides that; I was pretty much ‘raised by the internet.’ Many times when something was wrong or needed to learn something, I would research it on my electronic survival guide.
In view of our work circumstances, my technology wasn’t the best. I had to learn to adapt with what I had. One of the many things that the internet taught me was how to repair computers. When my computer broke down or something was wrong with the software, I would search up solutions online along with the cause of the problem. Slowly, I ended up enjoying fixing problems with my technology. This led me web design at a young age and many other software

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