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Master of Business Administration and Investments

University of Phoenix

The reason for the quest of higher education is based on each individual’s short-term and long-term goals. In the case of someone who has a career with prospects of moving up in his field, pursuing a graduate degree would be an excellent way to bolster his resume. According to the Graduate Management News (2007), 81% of master of business administration alumni said “they could not have gotten their current job without their graduate management degrees” (¶ 1). The pursuit of the master of business administration degree shows employers a greater commitment in the individual’s willingness to invest in his own human capital. The company benefits from the return on that investment and does not have to devote a certain amount of time and resources in this person because he has already done so.

The master of business administration can also lead to an increase in salary for those who attain it. From an article written by the Report on Salary Surveys, they state that “Just over half of recruiting companies made starting salary offers that ranged between $75,000 and $100,000” (Report on Salary Surveys, 2007, p. 9). That can be a substantial increase for many people, thus increasing the incentive in pursuing the degree program. This can put the graduate in a position to buy a home or a new car, but most notably career and financial stability. Companies are eager to pay master of business administration graduates more than they would pay someone with just a bachelor’s degree.

Graduates of this program should expect an increased knowledge of the business world. This should translate to better results on the job that can benefit both the individual and the company. The degree will also help distinguish the individual from other potential candidates when he pursues a horizontal or vertical

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