Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility to me means taking credit, whether it be good or bad, for your own actions. Learning personal responsibility is what takes many time to understand. Personal responsibility and college success go hand in hand.
College Success
For many taking the leap into college is a scary and unknown path. For some of us we may be the first to attend college in our family. Personal responsibility means taking care of all tasks assigned to me in a timely manner and if not, being prepared to deal with the consequences that come with being delinquent. College success is ultimately up to you the student. Instructors can only do so much and they have a lot of students that they must also help. There are many resources available to us at University of Phoenix. They have weekly workshops that assist in writing and PowerPoint presentations and tutoring is also available. There is a close tie between personal responsibility and college success. You have to have the drive to want to succeed to accomplish tasks in class as well as in life. There is no one there to constantly watch over you while you are assigned tasks. Since we only have class once a week it can be both a gift and a curse being away from the classroom setting for such a long time. Yes, it gives us the freedom to go about our normal hectic lives with family and work but some need that extra time in the classroom to be in the environment. It sets the tone and puts some in a thinking state and helps with our time management. However this is not the case with everyday life. Things happen and there is always going to be obstacles and you must learn how to adapt and overcome these obstacles. Being unsupervised and taking the initiative is a great learning tool that some may pick up faster then others but a great learning way nonetheless. Build affective attributes that promote…...