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Phoenix Fled


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Phoenix fled
”The was an old woman .....” I know it’s an old nursery rhyme, and that it has nothing to do with this story... but still, I got to think about it.
The woman that is betrayed in the story Phoenix fled, is a woman off immense respect and is recognized as being a part of the town or more so, as ”the town”. She has been there forever and will be there forever. She is a woman that is traditional in every sense of the word, she has grown up there and will die there, as did the past generations before her. She knows the old way and is probably one of the few that still lives ” the old way”. She has a calmness about her and I’m sure that is why the kids enjoy visiting her.
She is the proud owner of a doll`s house. She takes care of this doll`s house, nurtures it as would a woman nurture a baby. She is well aware that she is at the end of her life and wants to leave a legacy behind, and I believe that is why she takes so good care of this doll’s house. She tells stories for the same reason, giving the past time a voice. And giving her time on the planet a voice. But at the same time she sees the doll’s house as her safe house, it is here, therefore she is here, she is here, therefore the village is here. Can I say ” it keeps her grounded”...!
At the end here, I have to mention the name of the short story PHOENIX FLED and how I see it as being a huge part of the old woman.
See she has lived there all her life and she has no intention of taking off when troublesome times occur. She is a woman of the village, she was born there and will die there, but she will keep on staying there because of her legacy.
So she rises from the ashes. Maybe not in flesh but in spirit, she will be there always. The phoenix as also known as a spirit.

“The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.”

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