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Physical Security Survey

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Physical Security Survey Report for: Magnolia Utility Citizens’ Cooperative
Prepared for: Janet Garret, Director of Security
By: Top Notch Security Specialist Jake Johnson
Date of Survey: 6 January 2012


My company conducts physical security surveys and we were hired to perform an evaluation on Magnolia Utilities Citizens’ Cooperative. I was given access to many personnel throughout the organization and was able to receive tangible data to conduct a thorough survey. Mr. Gorsky was in charge of the security check point at the vehicle yard. Mr. Videtti is the warehouse supervisor. Mr. Williams is the tool and equipment distribution center supervisor. Interviewing these personnel gives me an inside look to the physical security layout.
The Magnolia organization currently employees 32 personnel and business is conducted within two separate locations. Cash management area, Electric Way hours are conducted between 10AM to 12PM and 2PM to 5PM. Cash Management Area South Street functions are conducted between 8AM and 6PM. Warehouse tool and equipment distribution center is opened from 5Am to Midnight. The provided information and information gathered throughout the survey has led me to an evaluation which concentrates on areas that need improvement.
After interviewing all employees it is evident that not all of them receive security training on a regular basis. In order to maintain a highly secure working environment all employees regardless of their duties should receive security training. The old saying prevails “you are only as strong as you’re weakest link”. It is evident that not all employees within this organization are up to date with their training.

1. What police agency has jurisdiction over the site?
The Magnolia Townships Sheriff’s Office.
2. Has the site terminated anyone for theft, fraud, etc., or drug...

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