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Physician Assistant Suicide Reflection

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This week marks the beginning of the second half of the semester. This portion focused on reviewing the material this semester, a few presentations, and the introduction of religion. This week marked about remember all of the nostalgic material that we received during this semester. I reminded myself the different types of religions, creation, rituals, symbols, ethics, and several other topics that reminded me the importance of this class. Some of the topics I had to remind myself such as Dorothy Day, Mother Teresa, and Oscar Romero. There were several interesting presentations such as ISIS and Physician Assistant Suicide. The reason ISIS gained my interest was because I wanted to gain knowledge about the terrorist about ISIS. I was glad that the presenter questioned the students in the classroom if they consider ISIS a Muslim group. It showed that the Muslim religion is receiving a negative depiction not because of believing in Islam but the behavior that certain …show more content…
The reason why I find much interest in this topic is because of how this applies to me being a nurse despite needing to commit to the will of a patient. Although, I think physician assistant suicide is a very sensitive topic because certain people see the values of life and I am one of those people. I’m personally against abortion, death penalty, and physician assistant suicide because I have learned the value of life through losing several people that are important in my life. I have learned that from losing these people the importance that every day makes. It’s interesting that the presenter talks about the different aspects of religion and why they aren’t for physician assistant suicide. I always found it interesting how the presenter applied why she is against the teaching to her personal life with her issues involving health. I’m glad that our class can focus on these sensitive

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